“Could the Bear Market be Over or Are We Being Deceived? Insights from Julian Hosp”

In a recent conversation on Goodman Crypto, Julian Hosp discussed the current state of the crypto market and his views on the bear market. Hosp stated that he believes the Fed is being truthful about their goals to reduce asset prices and consumer prices, and increase employment numbers. He also predicts that the large tech companies will reduce their workforce in Q1 of next year. While Hosp sees the possibility of a decade of poor outcomes due to the Fed’s decisions in 2020 and 2021, he does not believe that crypto will see significantly lower prices than its current state. He encourages investors to focus on the long-term cycle rather than short-term fluctuations.

Foreign and We’re Live: Discussing Markets and Bitcoin with Julian Hosp


Welcome to another episode of Goodman Crypto. Today we’re joined by Julian Hosp, and we’re going to discuss the markets, Bitcoin, and all kinds of things. Julian and I have been speaking once a year for the last five years or so, and man, time flies.

Heading 2: Remembering Past Discussions

Julian recalls speaking in 2017 and at that time, there was still hope that the lightning network would be big, but it’s still not big. He points out that some things have improved a lot, but one thing with lightning network man is it’s still the same.

Heading 2: Discussing Markets and All Coins

Let’s discuss the bull bear market. What is your view, prices are up a bit, fed is now getting serious, everyone is scared. What’s your view on this whole Bitcoin cycle versus the micro cycle?

Heading 2: Julian’s Investment Strategy

Julian shares that he was always someone who sold when he felt a bit panicky about his Bitcoin portfolio. He sold relatively well in 2017 and last year in October. He shares that he went super aggressive in April 2020 when the Fed said they’re going to print money, inflate the markets, and bought a lot of Tesla, other tech stocks, and crypto. He sold most of his tech stocks and Bitcoin last year in October when the Fed signaled they were going to tighten.

Heading 2: The Bear Market and the Fed

In Julian’s mind, the bear market is already playing out quite heavily. Many all coins and big all coins are down 80 to 90 percent. He believes that Fed is doing everything right at the moment, and they need to get prices down- both consumer and asset prices. Then they need to get employment and unemployment numbers up. Julian mentions that the FED needs to be careful not to have the market go with totally haywire and not have real estate completely collapse.

Heading 2: Julian’s View on Future Markets

Julian is optimistic that the Fed is going to turn around next year in Q1 and see inflation numbers down. Asset prices will be down, and unemployment will go up. He believes that the Fed should stop going after that. The big question is how fast markets will turn around. He thinks there’s a fair chance that for the next ten years or so, we’re going to suffer from the decisions of 2020 and 2021. The FED might panic and start printing again, which will trickle into stocks and risk on things like crypto.

Heading 2: Crypto Investing and Long-Term Returns

Julian believes that the dollar cost average is the way to go when investing in crypto. It doesn’t matter if you buy crypto at twenty thousand versus fifteen thousand. What matters is making good returns on your investment. He concludes that these are good times in crypto, and he doesn’t see prices rallying right now.


In conclusion, we’ve had a great conversation with Julian Hosp about the markets, Bitcoin, and investing strategies. It’s always interesting to get insights from experts on the future of markets and to learn from past experiences.

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