Can Litecoin Surpass Its All-Time Highs in the Upcoming Bull Market?

Ajwritescrypto’s weekly Price Prediction Department focuses on Litecoin. Ajwritescrypto speaks with Tom Crown to discover why he likes Litecoin, and Crown cites Litecoin’s long-standing presence in the market as a contender and the coin’s value as a “testnet for bitcoin upgrades.” When examining Litecoin’s halving cycles, Ajwritescrypto notes that before halving, Litecoin trends upwards, followed by a downward trend before rallying again after the halving period. Ajwritescrypto calculates that by November 2025, Litecoin may be valued at around $631, a 588% increase from its current value. However, Ajwritescrypto acknowledges that while 38.5 billion market cap seems doable, Litecoin has been losing momentum over time, making it less relevant in the news than other coins.


Hey, what’s up, everyone? Ajwritescrypto here. This is your weekly Price Prediction Department.

Talking to Tom Crown about Litecoin

So, today, for the Price Prediction Department, I’ve been hanging out with Tom Crown a little bit this weekend, so, of course, I’m going to do this one on Litecoin. Let’s get it! So when I talked to Tom Crown about Litecoin, this is exactly what he said. “I like Litecoin because it’s decentralized, like Bitcoin. It’s proof-of-work and it has withstood the test of time. It acts as a testnet for Bitcoin upgrades.”

Litecoin has withstood the test of time

That’s what Tom said. Tom Crown is spot on correct with his statement. Litecoin has withstood the test of time. Litecoin was launched back in 2011. And it’s been up and going for over a decade. And despite it being around for as long as it has been, Litecoin is ranked 11th by market cap and 9th if you don’t count stablecoins. This coin has been around forever in crypto years, and it’s still top 10. It’s hard to argue against Litecoin at this point in time.

Bullish and Bearish scenarios for Litecoin

I will agree, all the new kids on the block, You know, getting into memecoins and leverage trading and stuff, Litecoin isn’t exactly the first go-to for the new crowd in crypto, but it is something that the people that have been around for a long time are still very much involved in. So at the end of this video, I’m going to give you my exact price prediction for Litecoin at the top of the next bull run. But, first, let’s look into some bullish and bearish scenarios for Litecoin moving forward.

Will Litecoin repeat its history with halving?

The bearish scenario here is that Litecoin is kind of losing that hype, Like that it factor, that, like, momentum that really can take it to the next level. Its all-time high back in May of ’21 was only 13% higher from its all-time high back in 2017. 13% isn’t that much for a big chunk of time, Not to mention how many other coins way overperformed a 13% difference from all-time highs. The bullish scenario here is that in 73 days, Litecoin will go through its next halving. Well, what did Litecoin do in its last halving and how did the price react over time?

Predicting Litecoin’s price

Remember, our equation for price prediction is very simple. Just figuring out what the numbers will be in that equation is the hard part. The equation is price equals market cap divided by circulating supply. So we have determined the bottom, denominator for the circulating supply. But what about the numerator? Litecoin’s all-time high back in December of 2017 was about $385. Litecoin’s all-time high back in May of 2021 was about $410.

Market cap and supply

First of all, it’s interesting that its all-time high was only 13% higher than its 2017 all-time high. It’s also interesting because the supply has grown over time because of its halving cycle. Its supply was roughly 54 million back in 2017. And its supply was 66 million back in 2021. So now we’re dealing with a completely different number. By the next all-time high, we’re looking, you know, at 76 million in its supply.

The charts

On your screen here, this is the overall market cap chart for Litecoin over time. If you follow this rising wedge to November of 2025, if it goes to the top trendline of this wedge, we’re looking at about a $48.28 billion market cap. And if we add that into its heightened supply by that time, we’re looking at about a $631 Litecoin, which is a 588% increase from its current price point.

Losing momentum

So while 38.5 billion seems doable, and I think it’s possible, at the same time, Litecoin has slowly been losing momentum over time.


And that’s it for this week’s Price Prediction Department! As always, none of this is financial advice, so don’t take any of this as gospel.


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