Breaking News: Ripple XRP Lawsuit Update – SEC Grants Discovery Extension! Uncover the Latest Developments

In this content, the speaker is discussing breaking news about the SEC’s request to extend the discovery deadline being granted in the Ripple lawsuit. They are live streaming their reaction and trying to gather more information on the situation. The speaker mentions that this news is not favorable for Ripple and expresses their concern. They also mention the importance of waiting for the official document to understand the full implications of this decision. The speaker suggests that this extension gives the SEC an advantage and potentially opens the possibility for a settlement in the future.

Breaking News: SEC’s Request to Extend Discovery Deadline Granted

Uh hey guys what is up it’s dusty here and welcome back to another crypto live stream uh we just got this news that the sec’s request to extend discovery deadline is granted i am uh really quite amazed but i’m quickly sharing it over on twitter and discord so everybody can watch this Live and we can go over the info because um this this ain’t good right this is not nice you guys know all right whenever we post this type of stuff ultimately it is just to inform we don’t have all the info just quite yet uh but This just came out like 50 seconds ago like a five minutes ago max um so we’re gonna we’re gonna check everything out of course everything that’s been posted everything has been uh given out but this this just came out just just just now breaking news you might say not surprising but it Literally just came out a second ago let me quickly see um whatever what if we got some more news sure it’s not fake this is a defense lawyer this is the guy who’s actually posted every single thing on the lawsuit thus far throughout the months so if this were to be fake That’s a really sick joke all right um so i i don’t think so but okay so there’s two lawsuit parts that we can cover you can see this one but this is the most uh new so let me just quickly see on the side here if there’s any A bigger document that’s just been released or anything like that i’m just quickly checking everything out guys i i went a little bit in a panic i don’t know what i just wanted to go live and see what you guys were thinking see what you guys are saying Because this is this is uh this is something all right this is definitely something let me just quickly see what i can find if you’re wondering what i’m doing i’m just on a side screen right now looking if i can find any court listener documents that are you know portraying the entire situation Um let me see descending i’m looking at this right now at court listener to see if we got anything we got an order on motion to discovery but it’s not yet like buyable or downloadable um if you’re also wondering james usually either buys these documents or Just has them i’m not exactly sure how you get them but i’m a little bit of i’m a little bit in awe sorry guys i’m not sure exactly what to say just quite yet as we don’t have a good bearing or a good grasp of all of it this Just quite yet um let me also retweet this real quick for all the followers just over on twitter what’s happening oh w flows you can see in front of you right look at this breaking news the sec request to extend discovery deadline is granted let’s quickly read the small text this Is docket number 246 or whatever you want to call it there document number so that’s the one again we haven’t seen just quite yet it should be right this one right here all right um order granting two one seven letter motion for extension of time to complete discovery the deadline is to Conduct fact discovery to conduct fact discovery is extended to august 31st 2021 the deadline to conduct expert discovery is extended to october 15 2021 hereby ordered by macrister judge sarah nedburn text only order sarah netburn entered 6 14 2021. um and the other part was this right here order Granting 217 letter motion for extension of time to complete discovery the deadline to conduct fact discoveries extended it’s it’s basically the same thing right but then uh in in different texts now uh what are we waiting for and what’s happened let me quickly introduce you guys what are we waiting for we’re waiting For the official document because this right here is just kind of a summary of what it said right usually it’s at least one page long if you check any of these previous things before any of the other 250 out so we are waiting for that one right freaking out and Another part obviously is that we um i guess want to know exactly what this means by the way guys there’s almost 400 people watching and just 13 likes pressed even though this is not the best news i did my best best best to live stream this to you Guys as soon as possible so you got the news as fresh as i could so make sure you press that button just to help out a little bit with the channel right even though it’s not the best news at least we got news right at least we we see what’s going on So uh what this basically means in layman’s terms is the judge has now sided with the sec in claiming that they deserve extra time to discover whatever ripple has been doing so a little bit earlier the sc put up a couple of points which we all found ridiculous Even james finland said that to a certain degree what they’re doing right here with this extension is kind of dumb the sec just won that one this is one of their first major wins in a very long while and this is exactly why i made a video a couple of days ago You know how many people were bashing me for it like crazy this is exactly why let me show you guys the video all right we’re not gonna watch it but i’m just gonna show you guys the title so you can maybe even watch it later on On your own um let me quickly see here people were laughing at me for it it was basically about xrp lawsuit dates or something like that um oh here riplex happy lawsuit must know is about the xrp lawsuit that is what it was called wasn’t one of my better performing Videos but it was definitely something which i recommended people to check out let me quickly show you guys right here this is what it looked like can i show it can i please can i please come on yeah there we go my my little trackpad wasn’t long enough And yes i was listening to some nice music just now but yeah this video here was basically about the i’m not sure even if it’s this one anymore whatever guys one of my videos from last two days or so i talked about a potential settlement and about exactly what we are waiting For now easiest terms what we are waiting for is the judge to make three decisions right now we’re waiting for a decision on the most to intervene on emotion to strike and we’re waiting for this one the the motion to extend there’s another one here um the motion to dismiss on ripple’s side The judge has to give an order on all four of those and right now she did on one of them and she has to give an order on still three of them there’s most likely still one that i’m missing but you guys get the drift i made a video talking about why a Settlement could be around the corner why i’ve told you before the sec right now has gone through some pressuring tactics because through this extension ripple basically told the court if you extend our company ripple might not be able to survive all of this the sec most likely used that as Leverage as pressure to make it so the that ripple had to give in or at least they have some pressure to to do some um how do you call that settlement negotiating right you guys get what i’m trying to say we saw the lawyers of course the negotiation specialists on sec side come In as well they might be fixing up something like that and the reason is quite likely once more i’m gonna say it once more you guys might hate…

Head over to the YouTube video to watch the full stream:

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