Breaking News: Experience the Revolutionary MappedSwap Cross Chain DEX on Eurus Chain with the Launch of Native Token MST!

Map Swap Protocol is a decentralized crypto trading platform with high liquidity and speedy transactions. It is powered by the Ethereum chain and supports 10x margin trading. The platform offers free loans, and new users are gifted a free 0.1 EUN token, which covers about 100 free transactions. Map Swap Protocol also offers staking options, allowing users to earn up to 120% APY during the early bird promotion. The staking mechanism allows users to earn additional M tokens by referring friends who trade or stake on the platform. Map Swap Protocol is giving away over 800,000 MST tokens in a social media giveaway.

Map Swap Protocol: The Widest and Most Funded Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform


What is up you guys double here back again for more crypto news and today we are going to be reviewing this platform which is called Map Swap Protocol.

Why Choose Map Swap Protocol?

This platform is considered one of the widest trading platforms and also one of the most funded decentralized crypto trading protocols. It is also powered by euros. The platform has high capital efficiency, speedy transactions, secure and safe, and leading liquidity.

The Importance of Liquidity

Liquidity is very important when it comes to taxes because if there is insufficient liquidity, a lot of people have problems when it comes to withdrawing money. Map Swap Protocol has more than 4 billion USD locked in the pool to provide liquidity.

The Platform Stats

Currently, the liquidity is 6.64 billion and the trading volume is 183 million on a daily basis. The fees are 550,000.

How to Start Trading

To start trading, click on the “Start Trading” button on the platform’s website. You can get your own referral code and connect it to your mail. All you have to do is deposit some BTC, ETH, or USD, and when you’re done, you can withdraw your money.

Map Swap Protocol Solves Problems

This platform solves many problems because the global cryptocurrency market is experiencing an unprecedented boom. Currently, the market is about 2 trillion dollars, which is a lot of growth since ten years ago.

Follow Map Swap Protocol on Twitter

Make sure to follow the Map Swap Protocol on Twitter and turn on the notification bell. They are currently giving away more than 800,000 MST tokens. You can join the giveaway by following them, liking and sharing their post, retweeting, tagging three of your crypto friends, and submitting your entry on this link.

Unique Selling Points

Map Swap Protocol is not only decentralized, but it’s also an on-chain cross-margin trading platform. Besides high liquidity as one of the unique selling points, they also utilize a two-second 3D transaction on euros.

Staking Mechanism

The staking mechanism on Map Swap Protocol works by rewarding early bird participants with 100% of the MST. Users are allowed to withdraw 2% each week across 50 weeks. However, the additional MST from the 20% APY is withdrawable anytime.


Overall, Map Swap Protocol is a great platform to trade and invest in crypto. Be sure to join their Telegram for updates and announcements. Good luck with winning some MST tokens!

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