“Breaking: Lawsuit Update Reveals Damning SEC Accusations Against Ripple XRP and a $35,000 Warning for Investors”

There is a theory that XRP’s price could reach $35,000 per coin, but the individual promoting this prediction is seen as a “toxin” taking advantage of the XRP community. The managing director of Valil Capital has been giving credibility to this prediction, but it is uncertain if it is possible. There are holes in the story, and while the buyback theory is not completely unfounded, it is difficult to execute. There are concerns around Ripple taking over the entire network, but it would be significantly difficult to maintain a high XRP price if all users could sell their coins.

The Controversial XRP Price Prediction of $35,000 Per Coin


There is a growing theory among some members of the XRP community that the price of the cryptocurrency could reach $35,000 per coin. This price prediction has been covered in multiple videos, but many are now questioning the motives behind this prediction and the individuals promoting it.

The Background

According to some members of the XRP community, there is a particular individual who has been promoting this price prediction without any real basis. This individual has been compared to a toxin and a rat due to their seemingly manipulative behavior.

The Motivation

It appears that this individual is not promoting this price prediction for the good of the XRP community, but rather to further their own interests. They have been working with another individual who has been promoting this prediction and, according to some reports, they have been making money off of the XRP community.

The Reality

While some believe that the price of XRP could potentially reach $35,000 per coin, many are skeptical of this prediction. There are a lot of holes in the theory, and it seems unlikely that XRP will reach this price point anytime soon. Additionally, there are concerns that the individuals promoting this prediction are doing so for their own personal gain.

The Buyback Theory

There is also a theory that Ripple, the company behind XRP, will execute a buyback of XRP at a higher price point. While this theory is not completely unfounded, it would be difficult to execute in any normal manner. There are concerns that Ripple would take over the entire network and devalue XRP assets held by normal users.


Overall, the XRP price prediction of $35,000 per coin is quite controversial. While it is always possible for XRP to reach such a price point, it seems unlikely given the current market conditions and other factors. It is essential for XRP investors to be cautious and do their research before investing in any predictions or theories.

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