Binance and Tron: Unveiling the Cryptocurrency Underworld in China! 😱

The content discusses the recent controversy surrounding the collaboration between Binance, a popular centralized exchange, and the STEEM blockchain. The author criticizes the unethical actions taken by Binance and highlights the close relationship between Binance CEO CZ and Tron founder Justin Sun. The author also mentions the corrupt political connections of the individuals involved and the recent changes in power in Malta. Additionally, the content discusses the rise of decentralized exchanges (Dex’s) and the potential power shift back to individual investors. The author praises the decentralized protocol UniSwap and its potential to compete with traditional exchanges.


Hey yo what’s going on viewers of the tube my name is Tyler and I just want to thank you for dropping the crap you were watching earlier and suddenly your eyes on the channel that hopes to get you as riled up as this moroccan crowd listening to this special baby [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

The Scumbag Relationship Between Binance and the Steam Blockchain Takeover

You know our crowd hype sauce it’s time for Chico crypto well I’m sure most of you have heard about what is going on with the most popular centralized exchange Binance and their help with the takeover of the steam blockchain by using customers tokens in a way that is downright unethical and should have legal repercussions because it is messing with people’s money and livelihood. Now I’m not going to go through the entire story as I’m sure many of the news and TA expert YouTubers have already covered it but I called the scumbag relationship between the two Chinese mafia controlled puppets a long time ago. I’ve been revealing these two extremely close relationships they both have shells and Malta, which Binance told the world they were moving to securing banking relationships tweeting pictures with the government saying work is being done seesee with former PM Joseph Muscat seesee with former president Marie Louise Clary o Preta even giving her a hug she even just an April sees cheating on Justin and trying to get vitalik in with the government connections in Malta.

The Fall of Their Connections

Then you have Justin posting that they were setting up an office in the Malta blockchain campus tweeting and supporting former PM Muscat and even cz welcoming Tron and Justin to the party of Malta. Well if you’ve watched my channel for some time I knew Muscat and Marie Louise were corrupt and that came true when Joseph Muscat was implicated in the car bombing murder of a journalist who was exposing his political cabinet’s corruption rest in peace taffy and Galicia you will always be remembered for what you did. So all of their connections have went out the window as Marie isn’t the president she resigned Joseph he was forced to step down even though he should be in prison for life and their biggest connection silvio Schembri the former Finance Minister for Malta has no power now as he was forced to take a smaller role Minister for the economy investment in small business and things are starting to get really murky for Silvio because Joseph’s chief of staff he Schembri was involved with the murder of Daphne – and could be considered the mastermind behind it all and Silvio posted this on Instagram picture with Keith and the caption mastermind which he immediately deleted well Silvia was replaced by the elected Bartolo Clayton a man of the people who said this about finance when asked if they had a license to operate in Malta as informed by the Malta Financial Services Authority which is an autonomous body not a state entity until the time of writing finance has never been in possession of an official license by FSA such statement has been further corroborated by chain pings ow CEO by Nance on his personal Twitter Account where he also stated that Malta has not changed its position so their lover gangster friends from Malta are gone the relationships they bill are gone all cz and Justin have left is each other that is why I need to replay this video as it’s a beauty of a clip from The one and only chip the chod well in other news lover boy Justin’s son got in on the action of sea Z’s tweet posting this which literally makes me want to throw up in my mouth huge congrats on BMB a new Bitcoin with a very strong heart emoji now like I said I think Justin and cz might be more than just friends and I have a little song I would like to sing to explain Justin’s relationship with good old cz every time your eyes meet you want see more than iki it’s almost more than he can take cz when you scam thee he can feel how much you love me and it just blows him that way he’s never been this close to anyone cz you can hear your thoughts give just in that cream I don’t know how you screw all Diesel’s Justin so along with you the tweets just get better he wants to spend the rest of his life with you by every little thing that you do Justin his amazed by you so it was great but the beauty of cz by Nance cheating himself in the foot once again with the Seemed debacle is it pushes people away from his centralized fractional-reserve piece of poo exchange and into the world of decentralized exchanges Dex’s now this is where cesium finance will not be able to compete and a power shift will happen back to the individual investor with Dex’s you are the custodian of your funds and custodianship is power in the crypto space especially as we move to a world of staking networks the more stake the more power you have and in the past few months decentralized exchange trading volume has been exploding smashing through the former all-time high volume in February 350 million was traded on aetherium Dex’s and the protocols this is what finance is so afraid of the rise of the people through decentralized protocols like eunice Wafaa Khyber and more why do you think they created the finance debts it wasn’t to create a decentralized protocol to allow us more freedom as it runs on the finance chain of which finance controls and that is why the finance decks and chain is such a failure because everyone knows it’s a Fugazi and there are real dex protocols out there they can use and this is seen with the volumes of the by Nance Dex average is less than 1 million in volume per day we gave them a high average of a million for mistake they would only have 28 million in monthly volume for February while aetherium Dex is clocked over 350 million but I will tell you right now the Dex volume on Finance is Fake the only people using finance Dex are in-house finance bots and the market makers if those were not there by Nance Dex would be below 100k and 24 hour volume may be even lower so who is a leader in the battle against a centralized exchange unis WAP an Ethereal protocol which proved to the world that no native token and no funds raids during a token sale were needed for success Yunis WAP yesterday had over 3 million in trading volume more than 3x that of Finance Dex which had only over 800 K yesterday shocking a grassroots Protocol you know swap is beating the richest company in crypto who just crossed over 1 billion dollars in total profits in October of last year you know swaps banking the Finance Dex is what crypto is all about and Hayden Adams the creator of Yunus law I pray You will never bow down to cz like Vitalik did meeting with cz and scumbag Silvio in Malta kiss kiss Vitalik but yuna swap is coming in hot in 2020 with v2 of the protocol planned to be released soon much of what V 2 contains has been under wraps but Hayden tweeted Last week this you know swop v2 status update the V2 codebase was frozen about two months ago but then an awesome new feature unfrozen it’s now frozen once more expect a formal announcement and open sourcing soon so it is coming and guess who is speaking at East CC going on their website right now Haden and from the schedule on his talk you know swop v2 this tweet right here from Haden on February 14th it explains a lot about what he has been building what could be announced tomorrow at his talk 2019 unis WAP v1 proves automated market makers can compete with traditional exchanges 2020 you know swap the two will prove automated market makers can do things traditional exchanges cannot and 2021 unis WAP v3 will face slippage and capital efficiency head on to…


In conclusion, the relationship between Binance and the Steam blockchain takeover has exposed the unethical practices of centralized exchanges. The rise of decentralized exchanges like Uniswap signals a shift in power back to the individual investor. With the upcoming release of Uniswap v2 and the promise of v3, the battle against centralized exchanges is just beginning. It is clear that the crypto community is ready to embrace decentralized protocols and leave behind the shady dealings of the past.

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