Behind the Scenes: Latest Developments in Crypto Portfolio Strategy for 2023

BitBoy Crypto discusses changes to his portfolios due to the market downturn. The $25,000 portfolio, which is down 12.3%, will see $500 moved to Algorand (ALGO) and $600 moved from Binance Coin (BNB) to Cardano (ADA). The $10,000 portfolio will see $300 moved to ALGO. BitBoy Crypto will not make any changes to the $1,000 portfolio. The $5,000 KuCoin portfolio will see $1,000 split between ALGO and ADA to increase these holdings. The portfolio will aim to take profits and reinvest them in other coins.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!

My name is Ben and today, we’re going to be covering our portfolio video. We’re going to make a few moves today. I’m going to explain why. Right now, as you guys can see, we’re down 12.3%. Eh! Not really that big of a deal.

The $25K Portfolio

Let’s start here with our $25,000 portfolio. That’s down to $18,467. Now, we have most of our capital deployed. We are– we have $2,500 still in USDC. We’re going to hold on to this for now. Actually, I’m going to move a little bit of it.

What we’re going to do, we’re going to take $500, and we’re going to move that into ALGO because I just think ALGO is such a good freaking buy right now. It’s down like 95%, similar to Solana. It doesn’t have the problem Solana has.

The $10K Portfolio

$10K portfolio, we’re not going to really be doing anything different here. We do have some USDC.

Let’s go ahead. We don’t have any ALGO in this portfolio right now, so let’s actually go ahead and take– let’s take $300 out of that $1,000 and let’s put that over to ALGO.

The $1K Portfolio

I’m not going to do anything different in this portfolio. We’re going to keep everything just the exact same. In a $1,000 portfolio, you have a very small margin of error, so we are going to honor that and keep all that $100 that we have in USDC here.

The KuCoin Portfolio

Now, let’s talk about this. Let’s talk about our KuCoin portfolio here. This is a $5,000 portfolio, that has held relatively well compared to some of the others. It’s only down about 10%. And we have $1,000 in USDC here.

So what we’re going to do here is I’m going to go ahead and split this $1,000 between ALGO and ADA. So we’re going to be increasing these both $500, and we’re going to have no USDC in this portfolio.


I hope you guys enjoy this series. If you do, make sure to smash that like button. Subscribe to the channel. Don’t forget these digital whiteboards. We have a link down below in the description if you want to check these out. DTEN is the name of the company. They gave us these for free to show off. As you guys can see, they are killer. That’s all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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