Attention Crypto Holders: Discover the Crucial Information You Can’t Afford to Miss! (WeSendit)

Dusty shares his thoughts on investing in the crypto space, emphasizing the importance of diversifying one’s portfolio properly. He introduces WeSendit, a company that offers decentralized solutions for data protection and personal information. Dusty mentions that the company has been around for ten years and is now revamping its services to enter the web3 sphere. He also suggests some methods for evaluating new projects, such as checking their auditing and score and looking at their main partnerships. WeSendit has already had a strong private sale and pre-sale, and is launching on Pancake Swap today.

Diversifying Your Crypto Portfolio: The Importance of Investing in New Projects


Hey guys what is up it’s dusty here and welcome back to another crypto video and today I’m gonna be sharing with you guys something very interesting.

The Importance of Diversification in Crypto

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again for all of you crypto holders out there: one of the most important things that you Can do in the crypto space is invest in it. We all know that but a key component of that is to diversify your portfolio properly.

Our Goal on This Channel

What we’ve been doing on this channel over the last couple of years is showcasing to everybody what’s going on in crypto right now, what’s going to happen in the future, and how do we prepare for all that.

Investing in Gems and Revolutionary Technology

As you guys hopefully know by now, we on this channel keep looking for gems and for technology that has a good potential to disrupt or is just something that either has not been done before or has the idea of just something very revolutionary that I personally think basically deserves my money or I have a good chance to make a return on if I put some money in.

We Send It: A Revolutionary Technology Worth Exploring

Today I want to showcase to you guys something again that I want you all to research, I want you all to look at this topic and look further into it to see what you kind of think in terms of the potential. The project I got for you guys today is We Send It.

The Importance of Researching for Yourself

Please always do your own research, please check it out for yourself, and then make the determination maybe I should buy this or maybe I shouldn’t all I’m doing is broadening your horizon because again I’m not your financial advisor all I’m showing you is something that I personally believe is actually very good but it’s not getting the attention that I personally think they deserve.

Real Utility and Making the Crypto Space a Better Place

But yeah, one of the projects I got for you guys today is We Send It. I look for projects with real utility where I can see them basically making the world a better place or making the crypto space a better place.

We Send It’s Mission

We Send It protects your data and personal information with easy access to decentralized transfer and storage solutions.

Revamping to a 3.0

They’ve been around for a very long while but are finally going to basically attach a token to it, and they’re basically going to get rid of a lot of this data-keeping data collection.

Partnerships and Credentials to Look For in New Projects

If any of you guys are ever looking into new projects, one of the most important things to do is to take a look at their auditing or whatever auditor they have and check the score. Another very important part is always to take a look at their main partnerships, obviously the team as well, and potentially the VCS behind it.

We Send It’s Potential for Success

However, in this case, they got Filecoin, they got Storage, and as of that point, I’m already pretty excited because that means these guys are not just sitting around doing nothing. It’s a long-lasting Swiss company that’s now going into the new space.

We Send It Launching Today

In terms of the economic model, I noticed that I’m actually a little bit late as apparently, they’re already launching today, December 1st, over on PancakeSwap. I thought we actually had some more time to buy into the pre-sale, but yeah, no, I guess the marketing campaign that they’ve done in the past here with all these news websites, the PR has done a pretty good job because apparently, they had a pretty strong private sale and pre-sale.

A Big Deal Already

They got themselves three different centralized exchanges already signed after doing a bit of scrolling through their Telegram. I found these three exchanges which are XD Beat, Kicks, and Digifonics, so that’s also already a pretty big deal.

The Bottom Line

Again, you can check this out. I am not guaranteeing that the price is going to pump or actually dump. I obviously do not know. But potentially, this can be a big banger of a company. So, always remember to research for yourself, check out the credentials and partnerships of new projects, and diversify your portfolio properly.

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