Attention Crypto Holders: Be the First to Experience the Excitement of Metacade, the Latest Gaming Altcoin Launching Soon!

The current financial system is crumbling and causing fear in the markets, but this is seen as positive for crypto in the long run. A partnership between the MetaCade metaverse gaming platform and Medicaid offers the opportunity to play games and participate in a community, with rewards in the form of the MK8 token. The token can be used for voting on which games to invest in, helping to generate more MK8 and attract more players. MetaCade is also planning to integrate esports, facilitate internships and careers, and list on centralized exchanges bitmart and mix C. Users can participate in a giveaway and pre-sale, but should vet projects before investing.

Meta Cade: Integrating Gaming and the Metaverse

The current market situation may seem grim for crypto, but the crumbling traditional financial system may be a positive thing for the crypto industry. This is because as banks crash, investigations will be conducted, and crypto will ultimately rise. In the midst of this, there is a new and exciting partnership between Medicaid and meta verse arcade or Meta Cade.

In this article, we will explore what Meta Cade is and how it aims to bring gaming to the metaverse. Additionally, we will discuss their investment round and the opportunities it presents.

What is Meta Cade?

Meta Cade is a platform that combines gaming and the metaverse. According to their website, they aim to bring established play-to-earn projects and favorite games to their platform. They also aim to create a social or gathering platform for gaming enthusiasts and reward users with their MK8 token.

Their platform has a community where developers, entrepreneurs, and gamers can interact and exchange ideas. They also facilitate internships and entire careers, integrating esports to make it a full-circle experience. The MK8 token can help users to vote on games that will be built out and invested in. This will lead to more games listed on their platform, increasing player demand, and ultimately driving the value of the token up.

Investment Round

Meta Cade is currently having an investment round that will end in about two or three days. Pre-sales give investors the opportunity to buy into a project before it hits the market, but it comes with a higher risk. The reward can be great if the project succeeds, and Meta Cade has potential.

It is important to note that you must do your due diligence and research before investing in any project. However, Meta Cade has been properly audited, has a team on their website, and has a $125,000 giveaway. The only requirement to enter is to have $100 worth of their token at the time of the draw. It may be worth considering for those with the capital and appetite for risk.


Meta Cade is an exciting project that aims to combine gaming and the metaverse. Their platform’s social and meeting features and rewards systems make it a compelling place for gamers to gather. As Meta Cade develops and grows, so too will its potential. The investment round is a timely opportunity for those looking to diversify their portfolios. As with any investment, it is crucial to do thorough research and take responsibility for your decisions.

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