“Are You Making This Costly Mistake? Crypto and Stocks Tumbling!”

The stock market and crypto market are down, with the Nasdaq down 2% and Bitcoin down 3.4%. The market is reacting to news of higher-than-expected inflation, causing investors to price in more rate hikes in the future. Investors are making a mistake by buying certain companies, such as Lucid, Lordstown Motors, Ford, and GM, which are facing production issues and recalls. Meanwhile, Tesla is undercutting the average US car by almost $5,000, with recent cost cuts and EV tax credits. Despite the market downturn, the content creator remains bullish on Bitcoin and long-term investing.

Understanding the Recent Market Drop and Asset Risks


In his recent YouTube video, Sam discussed the current state of the market and the reasons behind the ongoing dip. He explained how both the stock market and the crypto market are down, with the Nasdaq down by about two percent and Bitcoin down by 3.4%, testing $23,000. Sam also discussed the risks associated with certain assets and why it might not be the best time to buy them. In this article, we will explain some of the key points covered in Sam’s video and provide our own insights into the current market state.

Market Analysis

The recent market drop can be attributed to several factors, including rising inflation, low home sales, and concerns about future rate hikes. The Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) index, which is the Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation measure, showed a 0.6% rise in January, higher than the expected 0.2%. This has increased the probability of a 50 basis point hike in the next meeting, which has been priced into the market, leading to the current dip. Moreover, with the recent rise in inflation, the market is expecting a higher terminal rate, which is further contributing to the bearish sentiment.

Risks Associated with Certain Assets

Sam warned against buying certain assets that are currently performing poorly in the market, despite their undervaluation. He advised caution while investing in such assets, as the risks may not be worth the returns. He cited examples of companies like Lucid, Lordstown Motors, Ford, and GM, which are experiencing production problems and quality issues. For instance, Lucid has lowered its output forecast, planning to make only 10,000 to 14,000 vehicles in 2023, about half of what Wall Street expected. Similarly, Lordstown Motors has only been able to produce about 30 vehicles, recalling 19 due to quality issues.


As market conditions continue to fluctuate, it is crucial to stay cautious and vigilant while investing. While certain assets might seem undervalued, investors should consider the risks associated with them before making any decisions. Inflation and rate hikes are also important factors to consider when analyzing the market. It is recommended to stay informed and explore various investment options to build a diversified portfolio that can weather the fluctuations of the market.

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