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In this content, the speaker encourages viewers to support their YouTube channel by liking the video and subscribing. They mention that Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas, has bought Bitcoin during a dip, indicating increasing interest and adoption of cryptocurrencies. The speaker also discusses the sacrifice phase for the Pulse X token and provides technical analysis from a YouTuber about the potential bullish movement of HEX. They mention upcoming developments for the Pulse Chain and briefly touch on the market performance of Ethereum and Cardano.

If you like all coins cryptocurrency and multiplying your money exponentially, this market and this video needs your support now more than ever

If you like all coins cryptocurrency and multiplying your money exponentially, this market and this video needs your support now more than ever. So let’s smash up that like button to a new all-time high. If this video gets to 5,000 likes within the first 24 hours, I will do a very special giveaway for this community. So let’s smash up that like button and let’s get started.

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All right, so let’s get started right away with this video. You can see that Ted Cruz has bought the bitcoin dip, and the senator from Texas is putting his money where his mouth is. According to a financial disclosure filed on February 4th, which was a Friday, Cruz bought between 15,000 and 50,000 dollars worth of bitcoin. At that time, bitcoin was trading between 36,000 and 37,000 and has gone up and returned to the price right around 41,600, which is literally the exact price of bitcoin at the time of this recording.

The reason that I’m mentioning this to you is because we are seeing more and more people jumping into bitcoin than ever before. And when there are massive dips like we just saw, whales are buying these dips, senators are buying the dips, everyone is buying the dips. The word is really getting out on cryptocurrency. And this is why I don’t think we’re going into this massive three to four year long bear market. I think we’re here for a trend again, and I think in another month or two, potentially, we could start moving back towards the upside.

Speaking of coins and things that are moving towards the upside, I wanted to share with you that another 15 million dollars has been sacrificed in the sacrifice phase for the Pulse X token. Now, the reason why I’m mentioning this to you is because you still have time to sacrifice for this coin. And you can see that more than half a billion dollars in the HEX cryptocurrency has been sacrificed. If you scroll down even more, you can see the current rate per 10,000 points is 3.92 cents. You can see that every single day that goes by is going to increase the price of the crypto. And at the very last five days here, you will not be receiving a volume multiplier bonus, but instead, it will be fixed at 1.75. So if you plan on sacrificing just a little bit of crypto, these last few days might be the best days for you to get in. But please make sure to do your own research, come on down below and understand what the volume bonus is and how all of this works. And if you’re interested in learning exactly step by step how to sacrifice and get into this pre-sale before anyone else, the link is down below for our online class. Many of my students have made thousands of dollars applying the teachings in the class, and we’ve even had one student become a cryptocurrency millionaire and quit their job. If you are interested in this exclusive offer, click the link down below and join us today.

Speaking of other cryptocurrencies within this ecosystem that’s gonna be coming very soon, which is the Pulse Chain. HEX is breaking out even more, hitting right around 22 cents just a day ago, and right now, at the time of this recording, it is sitting at 21 cents. Now, I want to share with you some technical analysis from a YouTuber who does daily HEX TA. His name is Crypto Bobcat. He does an amazing job.

What Could Potentially be Playing Out with HEX

Let’s hear what Ivan has to say about what could potentially be playing out with HEX. “I want to talk about a very great price fractal which is called Adam and Eve. This is the example of Adam and Eve. It consists of two shape formations, a V-shape formation which is called Adam and a U-shaped formation which is called Eve. So when we specifically look at HEX for now, we have this V-shaped formation. But so far, it seems like we’re just forming a U-shaped formation, which is basically we’re sitting at the half of the U there where we just basically formed a half of the arc and about just to form the second half of the arc just to complete the Adam and Eve formation, which is extremely bullish as Ivan said. Yes, we’ve had this V, and now it looks like we could be making this U back towards this range of all-time highs. And I could see this happening within the next month or two or maybe at the end of the sacrifice phase. This is what I’ve been kind of hinting at for the last few times on this channel about the sacrifice face, as well as what’s happening with Pulse X.”

Updates on Pulse Chain Launch

I want to give you some more news about what’s happening with this because it’s very important. Timing is everything in cryptocurrency. Richard Hart said, “There are only four things left to do for the Pulse Chain to launch: number one, the AMM bot; number two, release the sacrifice tokens; number three, incentive token, which could be a DOT token; and number four, releasing the public testing on v3.”

And as you can see with the rest of the market right now, we’re gonna go through a few rapid-fire alts here to end this video. And if you like more rapid-fire alts and just to kind of understand my thinking in the market right now, as you may or may not have known, I’ve been in the market literally since 2017, understanding, learning, building. I even spoke on cryptocurrency. I was a keynote speaker in Krakow, Poland, as well as I was a keynote speaker in Toronto, Canada, and even Las Vegas, Nevada. So I’ve definitely been around the block when it comes to cryptocurrency and what is happening in the market. But that said, that does not mean that I have a crystal ball and can predict the market perfectly. But I have been pretty accurate with some of these things. And of course, the best way to get into these cryptocurrencies is to get in early.

Taking a look at the market, you can see your risk is definitely better now. Ethereum is back to 3,000 dollars. I remember sharing with you in a video, I said if Ethereum goes under 2,000, that could be a buying opportunity. Well, congratulations if you took action because Ethereum and XRP were two cryptocurrencies that I shared with you, and Ethereum has recovered very, very nicely along with Bitcoin. And the reason why is because Bitcoin and Ethereum typically move up together or very close together, and that’s what ultimately drives this market. Now, Cardano has definitely moved up a little bit, but again, lagging behind. Smart contract decentralized exchange Sunday Swap, Astro Swap, and everything has been very congested. It hasn’t worked very well. And this, to me, is showing that it’s really kind of problematic, unfortunately, for Cardano because that’s what it’s designed to do, is to fix that problem. Things should be cheaper, fees faster, and…


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