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In this video, the presenter reviews Dojens, a crypto project that aims to provide a safe haven for investors in the face of rising scams in the market. Dojens is built on trust, transparency, and has 50 founders who operate the project. The presenter highlights the project’s website, roadmap, frequently asked questions, and Twitter page. The website showcases Dojens’ nft avatars, and their roadmap includes the creation of a staking platform, gaming utility platform, and audits. The presenter reminds viewers to conduct their own research and exercise caution when investing.


Welcome back to the channel. In this video, we’re going to be taking a look at Dojens, a relatively new cryptocurrency project that is creating waves in the world of crypto. We need to mention at the outset that we’re not financial advisors. As always, we strongly recommend that you do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency project. All links to the project will be provided in the description section.

The Project Overview

Dojens is an interesting project that aims at creating a safe haven for crypto enthusiasts. As we know, the crypto world has been replete with scams and Rug pullings, and this project aims at creating a safe and transparent space that is operated by a community of Founders.

The Dojens Team

The project boasts of 50 Founders who are focused on making the project a success. The Dojens team has onboarded Moon Photography as a contract custodian and project overseer to ensure that the project is in safe hands. This move is aimed at encouraging the community to trust the project.

Utilities and Roadmap

The Dojens team will be launching several utility sites that will be hooked up to the main token, which is called Dojens. The Founders NFTs collection offers gateway to web 3 enthusiasts to vote and make decisions in the project journey. The gamepad launch pad for games is another exciting development that we will be looking forward to. For staking, the project is to use True Defi utility.

The project’s roadmap is split into four phases, with each phase assigned several goals. Deploying is currently ongoing, and it involves smart contract creation, influencer partnerships, and the Dojens token launch. Phase two involves listing on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko, developing a staking platform, and creating a gaming utility platform. The third phase involves audits, aggressive marketing rollouts, releasing the staking program and press releases, and having 5000 holders. Finally, the fourth phase entails a limited amount of burns to allow for future growth and strategic marketing development.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, what are some of the frequently asked questions about Dojens? One of the questions is about buybacks and burns, and the answer is that the project’s supply is limited to 667,999 tokens, and we will limit the amount of burns to allow for future growth and expansion. It’s also asked if people can still mint Dojens NFTs, and the answer is no, but the NFT collection is listed on openc for interested people. Finally, people are asking what the benefits of holding Dojens NFTs are, and the answer is that NFT holders earn eth from Buy, Sell Taxes, hold a DOw voting power on a community proposal.


In summary, Dojens is a promising project that aims at creating a safe haven for crypto enthusiasts. This project has an active Twitter account with over four thousand followers and a seemingly committed community. As always, we strongly recommend that you do your own research before investing in any crypto project. Stay safe!

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