Are 100x Crypto Coin PEPE Meme coins Still a Massive Opportunity? Is XRP on the Brink of an Explosive Surge with this NEWS?

The content discusses opportunities and updates in the market, particularly in the cryptocurrency industry. The speaker mentions the current state of the market and Bitcoin’s impact, as well as the performance of meme coins like Pepe and Esco coin. They emphasize the importance of doing research and not blindly following investment advice. The speaker also mentions trading strategies for meme coins and highlights two specific coins, Pepe chain and hourglass, which have presented trading opportunities. The speaker acknowledges the volatility and speculative nature of meme coins but encourages viewers to seize opportunities in the market.

Insane Opportunities in the Market

Today we’re going to be talking about some more insane opportunities in this market. We’re going to talk about my thoughts and feelings around those opportunities.

Stay Up to Date with Market News

We are going to go through the news so you guys are fully up to date with what’s happening in this market so you can make informed decisions. We are of course going to be touching on bitcoin and its effect on the overall market.

Everything You Need to Know to be Fully Up to Date Today in Crypto

This video is going to give you everything that you need to know to be fully up to date today in crypto. And guys, just before we jump into this video, please do me a favor and smash that like button. It really will help me and the YouTube algorithm. And if you have been making some serious gains in this market, I would really appreciate it.

Disclaimer: Not Financial Advice

And with that said, guys, please do remember that nothing in my videos is financial advice. Because I am at the end of the day just a guy sitting in his room.

Market Update

If we jump over to Coin Market Cap, we can see that the overall market is up just 0.19%. We’ve got Bitcoin sitting at 27,300, making some moves upwards in the last 24 hours. We are up half a percent. The rest of the market is looking pretty sideways. And if we check out the Bitcoin chart, we can see that this uptrend is still very much in play here.

Opportunity in the Market

Hopefully, starting another leg up here for Bitcoin, which could spell some good stuff for altcoins and hopefully our meme coin market. And if we do check out Pepe, you can see that Pepe is actually down today, 7.6% overall market cap at 600 million dollars.

Meme Coins Reaction

Does this mean that meme coins are completely over? We don’t know, only time will tell. But does this mean that the opportunity in the market is completely over? I do not think so because we are still seeing some absolutely insane gains.

Reactions to Market Opportunities

This is a moment where I want to talk to you guys about some of the reactions I get in this market. Now recently, we have been talking about more meme coins. Now here on the channel, I am as transparent as I possibly can. I tell you when things are sponsored, I tell you when I’m worried if things go to zero. I tell you everything about my thoughts.

The Investment Style with Meme Coins

And meme coins, in my opinion, can either make a bunch of money, do absolutely nothing, or go to absolute zero. I say this all the time, right? And yet, when things don’t work out, which they won’t always work out, of course, a lot of these coins will go to zero. But when they don’t work out, people come down and they comment in the comment section and talk about the ones that don’t work. But it’s very rare that anyone comes back and talks about the ones that do work.

Example of a Successful Meme Coin

We’ve had numerous five to 15x’s and more here on the channel very recently, right? And of course, out of those, some of them fail. But the investment style with meme coins is a “spray and pray”. You find coins, you invest a little bit that you’re okay of going to zero and hopefully one out of let’s say five or one out of ten does a hundred X and then who cares about the other ones?

Do Your Own Research

That’s basically my investment style. And when I find something, I want to be able to talk about it on the channel without people getting angry with me if it goes up or down because I don’t have any control over it. It’s just what I’m finding. Now, an example of that is this coin, Esco coin. We talked to the channel about three or four days ago before it had launched and then again one day ago.

Insane Gains in the Market

Here you can see the price was a 600,000 dollar market cap one day ago, right? And now the market cap is a 3.6 million dollar market cap. This is a 6X from where we were just one day ago. 6X. That’s a hundred dollars into six hundred dollars, right? But the craziest thing is that was just one day ago. I talked about this coin and brought it to the channel before it had even launched. This has done some absolutely insane gains over the last three days.

Don’t Blindly Follow, Do Your Research

Over a hundred X here. A hundred dollars into ten thousand dollars. So when some of these coins that I speak about don’t work out, it doesn’t matter because you can find gems like this. And you should not be solely following what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the things that I find that I see a little bit of opportunity in. But that’s it, right? Don’t blindly follow anyone on the internet. Go well and do your research.

Time and Place for Meme Coins

If you don’t like meme coins, don’t invest in them. It’s very, very simple here. I really hope that at least one of you, that’s what this channel got in on this and did 100 X. That would be incredible. So to reiterate, when it comes to meme coins and me talking about them on the channel, do I know if they’re gonna succeed? Absolutely not. Can they go to zero? Yes. If the price pumps, will I be taking out my initial investment and profit? Yes. And do I expect pretty much 100 of these coins in a couple of months to be worth zero? Yes.

Continuing to Explore Opportunity in Meme Coins

And when it comes to meme coins, it’s a time and place kind of thing. I will not continually be investing into meme coins forever. There are meme seasons, which is what I believe we are in right now. I hope we move into an altcoin season where we can go back to utility tokens, which is something that I much prefer. But to shy away from opportunity seems crazy in this market.


As you know here on the channel, we’ve made absolutely obscene gains from hype and meme coins. So why not continue to do that? So guys, please, if you are going to follow anything on the channel, take responsibility. Do not invest any money you cannot afford to lose. Do not blindly follow. And with all of that said, we do have other coins in the market I’m watching, like Pepe chain and this hourglass known as weight.

Pepe Chain and Hourglass Market Update

Pepe chain has been an incredible coin to trade. We’re back down now at a 1.5 million dollar market cap. We were at a three million dollar market cap yesterday. We were at around an 8 million dollar market cap just a couple of days ago. And this has been chopping and changing around the one three four million dollar market for about a week now, giving opportunity to trade the top, to sell the top, buy the bottom, sell the top, buy the bottom, that sort of stuff and accumulate this coin, which is exactly what I’ve been doing. I have 100 free coins in Pepe chain because of that trading. I don’t have any of my own capital in it. And again, that’s how I’m trading these sorts of meme coins. Another coin that we spoke about on the channel, I think about one or two days ago, was this hourglass known as weight. And this is at a 32.2 million dollar market cap today, up 4.5%. And what they’re doing is very interesting. They do have something coming out, help that they’re hinting at. All begins tomorrow. Now, could this be a “buy the rumor, sell the news” event that’s happening right?

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