Answer This: Did Whales Sell the Top of Volt Inu Token? How will CEX Listings Impact the Price Prediction?

There has been a surge in interest and trading volume for Vote Inu, leading traders to question whether it is time to buy or sell. The technical analysis suggests a retracement is likely, but there are also several events and catalysts that could affect the price, including a gift giveaway and a trade listing on CX Trader. The marketing team for Vote Inu has been active in building a community and there are several bonuses available to incentivize trading and community engagement. The macro side of the market, including Bitcoin and US 30, is also important to consider when analyzing Vote Inu.

The Current State of Vote Inu

Vote Inu is currently experiencing a surge in volume, boasting almost five million in volume within the last 24 hours. This increase in interest may lead one to ponder whether now is the time to invest or withdraw. In this article, we will delve into the technical analysis of Vote Inu, potential price fluctuations, upcoming events, and bonuses.

Technical Analysis

Earlier this year, we predicted the top for Vote Inu, and it indeed occurred, causing a significant decline in its price. However, we witnessed a recent sharp rise from October to November, with a bull flag pattern emerging, allowing traders to discern a higher high breakout. We anticipate a retracement in the not-too-distant future, and our optimism remains contingent on the perceived legitimacy of said retracement.

Upcoming Events

There are a few vital catalysts that buyers are currently awaiting, such as gifts happening on Sunday, December 12th, at 4 pm Eastern Time. The buy the rumor, sell the news situation remains commonplace, and caution is advised as coinmarket has warned of potential dangers associated with modifying their smart contract.

Bonuses and Partnerships

We are ecstatic to inform our readers that we have partnered up with Barbie to provide you with some fantastic bonuses! Using our special link, depositors may receive up to $30,000 USDT with the 13-day deposit blast-off reward. Moreover, there is a lucky draw worth $1 million and a trading competition worth $200,000, with relevant videos available on our channel.

Macro Side

We are keenly observing the macro side, though we do anticipate a minor bump in prices. Our current long position is bent, with a pump expected above its current point, and our second long position is lit, which we are monitoring closely.

Bitcoin and Market Open

Lastly, it is crucial to consider Bitcoin’s influence on the market, and it remains in the red for the day. While it would be ideal to sell Bitcoin at around 18,500, we do not see that happening, and our primary concern is minimizing losses. All news right now is connected to Sam Bankman-Fried and the SEC, who have pressed eight charges against him. Nonetheless, we remain optimistic about Vote Inu’s future.

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