A Must-See Interview with the Team behind Origyn Foundation’s OGY Token!

Origin is a certification platform for the fine art community that aims to bridge the gap between the NFT and physical world, and reduce the risk of counterfeit. The platform combines intelligent technologies and decentralized computing to authenticate and identify the world’s most valuable objects. The company runs on the Internet Computer, developed by the Dfinity Foundation, which is a decentralized global compute platform that is tamper-proof and scalable. Partnerships with industry standards like ICP Global, Archery Blockchain, Watchbox, and Vector help in verifying the authenticity of luxury goods with the help of OGY tokens. The platform has the potential to revolutionize the digital media, luxury goods, and collectibles world.


Hey there, it’s Crypto Rick and I am excited to talk to you about Origin today. We sat down with the founder and had an interview about this amazing project that is taking things to the next level.

What is Origin?

Origin is a certification platform that caters to the fine art community. Their goal is to bridge the gap between the NFT world and the physical world, while reducing the risk of counterfeit.

The Use of Intelligent Technologies

The team is combining intelligent technologies and decentralized computing to identify, authenticate, and unlock ownership powers for the world’s most valuable objects. Essentially, Origin is using next-level stuff to revolutionize the way the data is run.

The OG Token

The OG token is something you need to take a look at quickly. It’s increasing in utility and volume and is likely to continue doing so. The token is currently on XC and the more partners on board, the more ogy tokens that will be consumed by the network.

The Partnership with Industry Standards

Origin has partnered with industry standards and brands such as icp global, archery, blockchain, watchbox, and vector. The partnerships are crucial, and each comes with unique offerings, like the ability to authenticate and verify the watch authenticity for watchbox.

Real-World Applications

The real-world applications of Origin’s technology are exciting. There is a massive market for collectibles, luxury items, and digital media. However, where there is a huge market comes the huge black market, unfortunately – this is one area where Origin’s technology can help reduce the risk of counterfeit.

The CEO’s Background

Daniel, the CEO of Origin, has an impressive background with years of global experience in financial services. Being born in Switzerland and raised in Boston, he brings impressive expertise and experience to the table.

Why Start Origin

After working in global financial services for over twenty years, Daniel fell into the Bitcoin rabbit hole and was transfixed by the purity of the technology. He was working with various blockchain and Bitcoin companies when he saw the internet computer’s potential, which led him to Origin.


Origin is a project worth checking out. The technology they have is groundbreaking, and their partnerships with industry standards are impressive. The applications of their technology are exciting, and the OG token is something you should consider adding to your portfolio.

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