48 Hours Left: The Massive Warning for Terra 2.0 Revival Approval

YouTuber Sam discusses the new Luna revival plan, which involves the creation of a new Terra chain called Luna and an airdrop of Luna tokens. He issues a warning about potential scammers looking to take advantage of the situation. Sam also talks about the current state of the crypto market and upcoming events such as the release of the Fed minutes. He discusses the specifics of the Terra 2.0 plan and the distribution of Luna tokens, including the lack of compensation for pre-attack UST holders. Sam gives his thoughts on the plan and expresses interest in seeing how the crypto community responds to the situation.

New Luna Revival Plan: What You Need to Know

Are you a crypto investor? Then you need to hear about the new Luna revival plan, which has been making waves in the community. However, before we delve into the details, there’s a warning to be issued. According to Sam, scammers have been trying to take advantage of people who are rushing to figure out the new plan. You don’t have to send your tokens anywhere or do anything to get these new tokens. You just need to sit and wait. So, let’s dive into the new Luna revival plan.

What is the Luna Revival Plan?

Recently, there has been a confirmation that Terra has a new plan for Luna. As a result, Luna is going to be revived with a new token. A lot of investors are going to receive airdrop tokens. There are already some exchanges confirming that they will work with Terra on this plan. The launch will happen within 48 hours.

What you need to do

There are some links provided underneath the video that investors need to check out if they want to help and get some free money. Blockfolio or FTX is one of the best places to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos. They give you a lot of different perks from low fees to getting free crypto.

Fed Minutes and the Crypto Market

Later today, the Fed Minutes are going to drive the crypto market and the stock market. A lot of people are looking to see if there are any signs of recession or stagflation. If the minutes go positive, we could see the markets pump up, especially the stock market as it has been sold off.

Terra 2.0

Tara has fallen so much, and Terra 2.0 appears to be a way to recuperate. Terra 2.0 is being launched with overwhelming support from the Terra ecosystem. The plan aims to create a new Terror chain without the algorithmic stablecoin UST. It will effectively create a new Terror chain called Terra with the launch about to happen in two days.

Token Distribution

For Luna classic holders, UST residual holders, and essential app developers of Terra classic, Luna will be airdropped across all of these people. An astounding 65% goes to pre-attack Luna holders and pre-attack UST holders. UST holders who sold their tokens before attack are missing from the airdrop. However, they have a chance to be made whole eventually.


The warning about scammers is essential. It’s always good for investors to be wary of investment scams in the crypto market and beyond. The new Luna revival plan is a great opportunity for investors to earn some extra tokens. So if you’re an investor, watch out for the new launch in the next 48 hours.

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