$410 Million XRP Moved on the Most Vital Day for Crypto Regulation – Unbelievable!

Crypto influencer Tiffany Fong visited Sam Begman Freed, an accused fraudster facing up to 115 years in prison, in his home. The New York Post published a headline labeling her a “sexy crypto influencer,” causing backlash online. The majority of people believe the SEC vs. Ripple case will settle rather than reach a verdict, but regardless, there is a high likelihood that Ripple will come out victorious. The next significant crypto hearing is on January 30th regarding library.com’s motion to limit the SEC’s remedies. The outcome of this case could potentially result in discouragement from a non-party, which would be worse than merely an injunction.

The Daily Crypto News: Sam Begman Freed’s Surprisingly Optimistic Meeting with a Crypto Influencer

Hey guys, it’s Dusty here, and welcome back to another episode of The Daily crypto news. Today, some pretty shocking things have happened, and the first one to mention is Sam Begman Freed’s surprisingly optimistic meeting with a sexy crypto influencer.

A Good Looking Crypto Influencer

We’ve covered before that most people would agree that the crypto influencer in question is a good-looking individual, and that might have helped her land one of the most exclusive interviews with Sam Begman Freed. However, that’s not how we would label it, and joking around about it is not appropriate either. The New York Post grabbed a random bikini picture from a long time ago, which is not how an independent journalist interviewing Sam should be portrayed.

The Ripple Versus SEC Lawsuit: Settlement or Conclusion?

The majority of people expect the Ripple Versus SEC lawsuit to end in some sort of settlement. Even if the verdict goes to Ripple, the SEC might want to hide stuff away, making a settlement pretty likely as well. No matter what happens, there’s a high likelihood that Ripple will emerge victorious out of all of this.

The Next Big Date: January 30th

From the perspective of Association, January 30th is going to be one of the most important days in SEC crypto territory. It might be the most significant crypto hearing to date regarding library.com’s motion to limit the SEC’s remedies. This case is not getting a lot of industry attention, and the conclusion could be way worse than people actually thought.

In conclusion, the Daily Crypto News has covered some significant events today. From Sam Begman Freed’s surprisingly optimistic meeting with a crypto influencer to the potential outcome of the Ripple Versus SEC lawsuit, it’s still a waiting game. January 30th could be a crucial date regarding SEC crypto territory and library.com’s motion to limit the SEC’s remedies.

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