2023 Forecast: Stellar XLM, The Disruptive Cryptocurrency You Simply Can’t Overlook!

In a video, cryptocurrency analyst Tom from Creative Izzy discussed his opinion on the potential of Stellar Lumens (XLM) in the coming years. He highlighted the partnerships XLM has with various projects, including charity organizations and leading banks such as HSBC and IBM. Tom also noted XLM’s certification with ISO 222, which standardizes financial transactions and is significant in the current climate of increased adoption of cryptocurrencies by companies and governments. However, Tom warns that while XLM has potential, investors should not expect significant price action until 2024 due to the current economic recession.

Overview of XLM

Stella Lumens, in today’s video, provides an overview of XLM, the projects it’s involved with, and why it’s a game-changing cryptocurrency for 2023. Along with price predictions, the video explores who XLM is partnering with and what it’s trying to achieve.

XLM Partnerships

Partnerships play a significant role in any project, and XLM is no exception. Stellar Lumens Website lists several promising partnerships for 2023 and beyond. Some of these include exchanges, as well as charity organizations.

Stellar Lumens Mission

Stella Lumens goes on to explain that XLM is trying to solve major issues in the world by attempting to resolve and streamline payment issues from one person to another in developing countries. The mission is humanitarian in nature, trying to improve the transfer of money from one place to another.

ISO 222 Certification

One of the reasons why XLM is a game-changing cryptocurrency is because it’s ISO 222 certified. This standardizes transactions from one place to another, trying to establish a universal standard like the USB Type-C standard for financial transactions.

XLM and Ripple Labs

XLM and Ripple Labs share a co-founder, and Stella Lumens notes, “when it comes to the XR P and XLM battle, I choose to sort of side with both.” While these two are competitors, they are trying to solve major problems in the world, and competition is healthy.

XLM Predictions

Stella Lumens predicts that XLM could go back up to its all-time high of around 290 but cautions that it will take some time due to the current macroeconomics impacting the crypto markets.


With several partnerships, an ISO 222 certification, and a humanitarian mission, XLM is poised to be a game-changing cryptocurrency in 2023. Stella Lumens encourages viewers to leave thoughts and opinions in the comments and shares XLM’s partnership with the UNHCR to help people from Ukraine send cash home as an example of the project’s humanitarian aspect.

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