🚨Ripple XRP Lawsuit Update: SEC’s Final Push! Surprising New Arguments Emerge!

In this video, the content creator announces a giveaway of $100 to a random commenter if the video receives 2,000 likes within 24 hours. They discuss updates on the Ripple and SEC lawsuit, with the SEC filing a reply memorandum of law in support of its motion to strike Ripple’s fourth affirmative defense. They provide insights on the document and speculate on the reasons for an attorney leaving the SEC. The content creator explains the concept of fair notice as a defense for Ripple and discusses the SEC’s attempts to strike it down. They believe it will be an uphill battle for the SEC to succeed.

Introduction: Another Crypto Video and Giveaway

Hey guys what is up it’s dusty here and welcome back to another crypto video and guys if this video gets to 2 000 likes within 24 hours we’re giving away a hundred dollars to somebody in the comment section once more all you have to do to enter is make sure you Press the like button make sure you are subscribed with the little notification bell on and make sure you put something in the comment section if you have no inspiration let me know what country you are from and then we’re gonna up it from 100 to 350 if we get to 4 000 likes within 24 hours we actually have already now given away a hundred dollars haven’t picked the winner just quite yet but we’ve already hit that milestone might become a really big uh big payday for some people i’m not sure but uh Let’s see let’s wait it off i’m pretty excited so we have a couple of updates regarding the lawsuit

Updates on the Ripple and SEC Lawsuit

Yes guys ripple and sec lawsuit is what we’re gonna be talking about right now sccv ripple the sec filed its reply memorandum of law in support of its motion to strike ripple’s fourth Affirmative defense we got the entire pdf right here 51 mother freaking pages it is getting crazy in here how many documents i’ve read by now you can call me a legal expert obviously i am not but by the amount of freaking legal documents i’ve read by now just checking through a ripple check Into the see all their documents that keep just kind of glancing through them checking through them you can definitely maybe maybe somebody can offer me a job in the legal field man i mean i’m an expert at sec documents i guess we’ve been trying our best best best and it’s getting really funny To be honest with you just how often we’ve covered it but yeah well once more scc’s reply to it is it really something new not completely a lot of people are mocking it because it’s written in a bad way to be honest i’m not too sure about that um somebody asked for translation Basically the sc used all its players and made all its subtitle substitutes now he’s given the water boy a run out and again a lot of people are saying hey it’s actually uh not really a good document or this is again the ssc’s final straw their last attempt to get Something done actually the most prominent thing that i noticed was the fact that the lawyer whom we’ve talked about for the last couple of hours here has actually been taken off of that list already which is pretty damn fast did you guys most likely know a couple Of hours ago i made a video explaining that one of the sec’s members has left it was um a lot of speculation a lot of criticism that i received for that one because a lot of you guys said dusty he’s just leaving because he got a better job offer right one of The sec’s attorneys and i keep stating that it’s possible it definitely is but i don’t really buy it i mean if you as an attorney think you’re going to certainly win something or you’re in a really good role you think hey we’re going to go for it we’re gonna do it Why would you leave then right i would say two main reasons one you’re uncertain of your win like any other lawsuit you’re not really that certain you’re gonna win and you don’t wanna get that loss right so you’re gonna get off and the second one obviously would be A better incentive somewhere else but that again depends on because i would always think if you’re at the sec you’re kind of a career type of guy and so winning a case at the sec specifically if you’re already in one that’s going to set the precedent for crypto regulations as a whole If you think you’re going to win that one that would be a really amazing one specifically if it comes out that they lost it and they left that would be a really smart move you know what i mean like if you left as an attorney and they lost That would be really really smart right with the normal case i don’t think it matters that much but with a case of this severity with this much um question of corruption yeah it’s it’s it’s an interesting one all right let’s put it like that it’s a really interesting one

The SEC’s Attempt to Strike Down Ripple’s Defense

Now once more the sec is trying to attack ripple they’re trying their best as best is best here we can see table of contents are undisputed facts relevant to ripples affirmative defense courts routinely strike affirmative defenses in sec actions upton does not support ripple’s affirmative defense courts have uniformly refused to apply Upton to negate security law violations and sustaining ripple uptain defense would prejudice the sec and then conclusion at page number 15. let’s quickly check out page number 15 if we can 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. for the foregone reasons and those stated in the sec’s opening memorandum of law The court should grant the sec’s motion to strike ripples fair notice affirmative defense these guys are trying their best as best is best to get a strike down huh but the judge is not budging sustaining rip yeah we’ve all read it now i think we have gone over these arguments quite often And the thing is guys if you’re wondering what exactly is happening in this case and to translate into simple english uh ripple has a defense which is fair notice right that’s one of the defenses that they have pheromones basically means the sec should have told parties maybe ripple maybe other parties That they were going to strike them down or that ripple is doing something wrong and scc finds that they should not have or at least it wasn’t necessary because ripple knew and any other party should have known ripple says no you should have just given us that and if you didn’t give it Okay your lawsuit here doesn’t really work anymore and obviously that’s exactly how it works on law two if it comes out the judge agrees that fair notice was not given which the sec was not says was not really necessary nor does it really apply at all and ripple Says it was necessary and you didn’t give it if it comes out that they didn’t give the proper fair notice where it was due then the case is thrown out it just is almost impossible to make a case if the sec did that wrong that part So obviously the sec does not want to kind of go about that whole defense they want to throw it out as soon as possible to make sure that they cannot lose on that point or that the fairness defense is just not relevant anymore so they’re trying their best to strike it down And they’re putting up arguments as to why a fair note of defense is just not relevant to the whole point here where ripple of course will come back with a rebuttal a couple of days ago this is also kind of discussed in court in the um telephonic hearing they went Over back and forth about the upton case and the chipotle case and all about fairness fairness fair notice and opinions in the end guys we all know the sec is trying their best so much to get it striked but i don’t think it’s gonna work i think it’s an uphill battle from them Striking this one down to be a major blow to ripple but a major win to the sc the opposite side would also count though if they can get this defense would be huge because there’s a very high likelihood that this is going to be the key to Victory the fair notice defense is such a huge part most likely you’ve already seen it though from my videos here this is a really crucial crucial

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