Solidus AI Tech Introduces AITECH PAD Launchpad!

Solidus AI Tech’s AITECH PAD is leading the way for startups in the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 sectors by providing AI-driven infrastructure for rapid automation and scaling. It serves as a launchpad platform and strategic incubator for Web3 ventures to transform their visions into reality and build their token ecosystems, with a focus on AI projects.

Startups undergo a comprehensive assessment by the AITECH PAD team before being shortlisted, covering domains like market relevance, concept feasibility, and team competence. Once approved, they embark on either Crowdfunding, incubation, or acceleration journey with mentorship from the Solidus AI Tech team. AITECH PAD offers crowdfunding opportunities to projects seeking funds for their TGE event and development, with flexible funding amounts tailored to the specific needs of each project.

The incubation process spans 12-18 months and involves three phases: groundwork, launch, and post-launch guidance. Acceleration is designed for experienced teams in search of targeted guidance and concludes within 3-4 months. AITECH PAD also offers two IDO rounds, with the first exclusive for top stakers and the second open for all.

AITECH PAD also offers six tier levels for stakers, with the Diamond tier providing a suite of rewards. The platform provides a flexible refund option, with each project having its unique terms set by the team, typically in a 0-14 day frame. To participate and get benefits, a minimum of 2000 AITECH is required to be staked.

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