Vitalik, Brian Armstrong, Yat Siu, and 160+ speakers to participate in Taipei Blockchain Week 2023

Taipei Blockchain Week, scheduled for December 11-16, 2023, is set to be the largest blockchain event in Taipei, Taiwan. The event promises to attract a global audience and double its footprint from the previous year. The lineup of keynote speakers and panelists includes industry leaders such as Vitalik, Co-Founder of Ethereum, and Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase & Research Hub. These speakers will share insights and lead discussions on the future and scalability of blockchain technology.

The event is co-hosted by BuZhiDAO and TABEI, with strategic partnerships including Avalanche, Google Cloud, and Sora Ventures, and support from the National Development Council, Start-up Island Taiwan, and the Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Development Association. With over 40 sponsors, the event will offer engaging talks, panels, and networking sessions focused on the scalability and future of blockchain technology.

The event will feature a 3-day hackathon for developers, the TBW Scale Conference, and the Sora Summit. In addition, the SHE Scales Summit will showcase female leaders in the blockchain and tech space. With over 50 side events, Taipei Blockchain Week aims to be much more than just a conference, offering a gathering of innovation, culture, and Taiwanese hospitality.

For tickets and more information about Taipei Blockchain Week, including details of speakers and sponsors, visit The event aims to foster collaboration and drive blockchain adoption worldwide, bridging Taiwan with the global blockchain community. For more information about Taipei Blockchain Week, visit

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