Revolutionizing Monopoly Game for Billions in the Web3.0 Era!

The early GameFi programs between 2021 and 2022 gradually lost players due to being insufficiently fun, complicated to operate, time-consuming, and irrational. Mhaya Game answers these market needs by adopting the free-play-to-earn (FP2E) concept, a city simulation and management blockchain game derived from the classic board game “Monopoly”. The game integrates multi-chain technology and a non-upfront-fee NFT mechanism, planning to develop on multiple public chains, including BNB Chain, Arbitrum, and Polygon.

Mhaya game consists of 40 tiles with 12 different types, over 40 random events, and offers both PVE and PVP game modes. Players can acquire over 13 different NFT characters in the game. As they advance in the game and roll dice, they trigger random events to earn profits. This allows players to upgrade game characters, construct and upgrade different buildings, participate in lucky events, and earn in-game tokens HAYA and governance tokens MAYA.

The project aims to empower a diverse range of participants at various stages, paving the way for increased token earnings and fostering consensus both within the project and among the community. The goal is to instigate a groundbreaking shift by dismantling monopolies and ushering in the era of GameFi 2.0.

In terms of NFTs, Mhaya’s NFTs are not like liquid assets; they are more akin to an entry ticket. The game features a total of 13 different NFTs, all of which can be obtained completely for free. NFT characters that are eligible for entry into the free prize pool are distributed as rewards through participation in various Mhaya community operational activities.

Mhaya’s staking mechanism follows ERC-6551, and players stake tokens in their own wallets rather than through the project itself. The dual-pool model offers players a completely fair gaming environment, with earnings differentiating between the pools. The production output is dynamically adjusted each season based on the previous season’s output, destruction, and consumption, ensuring that players receive maximum returns within a reasonable range.

As outlined in Mhaya’s roadmap, the open beta release is anticipated in the first quarter of 2024 on Android and iOS. Mhaya also plans to introduce more social features such as NFT for character portraits, voice cloud chat, and private messaging to enrich the gaming experience further and promote interaction and community building among players. Mhaya has established eco-partnerships with hundreds of Web3 infrastructure providers, media outlets, NFT platforms, DeFi organizations, and international social platforms around the globe, and has recently closed a Pre-A round of $5 million in funding. CEO Pedro says, “Mhaya2023 creates an anti-monopoly gaming meta-universe by enabling non-front-loaded, non-early wins in an innovative way that takes the distribution of benefits away from the few, the guilds, and the cheaters.” For more information, please visit Mhaya’s website.

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