NORDEK Launches NORDEK Finnovate: A $10M Grant Program Revolutionizing Web3 Payments

NORDEK has launched “NORDEK Finnovate”, a $10 million grant program aimed at transforming the Web3 payments space. This initiative offers an opportunity for startups and innovators in the payments, fintech, and banking sectors to be at the forefront of the Web3 revolution. Finnovate is designed to support and accelerate projects in the Web3 payments arena, with three main pillars: funding, mentorship, and global networking opportunities.

The program provides strategic funding for both early-stage and developed projects, as well as expert mentorship from industry leaders in fintech, banking, and blockchain technology. Participants also gain access to a global network of experts, potential partners, and investors, opening doors to collaborations and partnerships. NORDEK describes Finnovate as more than just a grant program; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive and innovative financial ecosystem.

NORDEK Blockchain is a hub for innovative financial products and services, with a range of solutions built on NORDEK’s blockchain and technology stack. These include Rover Finance, Swapperly, Plutopad, Norpay, NORDEK Swap, a Decentralized Derivative Exchange (DEX), TapPay, and a Centralized Exchange, catering to various needs in the blockchain and fintech sectors.

Finnovate offers targeted support for Web3 payments, has a global reach, and is focused on cutting-edge technology, preparing participants for the future of finance. NORDEK encourages startups, fintech innovators, and banking institutions to join the movement and be part of shaping the future of Web3 payments. Stay tuned for updates and details on how to apply for NORDEK Finnovate.

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