Hinkal Launches Mainnet for 6 Chains and Completes $4.1 Million Funding Round

Hinkal, a protocol providing privacy for trading strategies, has been deployed to the mainnet of 6 EVM chains after closing a $4.1 million funding round led by Draper Associates. Founded by Giorgi and Nika Koreli, Hinkal addresses the need for end-to-end privacy of trading strategies for liquid funds and whales. The protocol allows professional traders to run strategies on their favorite dApps in a fully private and compliant environment, using stealth addresses, shielded pools, and DIDs.

The protocol is tailored for strategies including active LP/yield farming and buy-and-hold and liquidations. With the new investment, Hinkal aims to transform the DeFi landscape by offering a secure and confidential environment for liquid funds and whales. It has integrated with 6 DApp integrations and 3 functions, including swaps, liquidity provision, and staking, with plans to incorporate all major DApps in its ecosystem.

Hinkal enables privacy of transactions and assets across core DeFi apps and functions, including trading, farming, staking, and lending through the use of stealth addresses and with high degree of compliance. Draper Associates, which led the funding round, has a track record of investing in successful companies including Hotmail, Skype, and Coinbase. Readers are advised to do their own research before taking any actions related to the company.

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