Delysium partners with Microsoft to bring AI to blockchain mainstream

Delysium has partnered with Microsoft to make the world of blockchain and AI more accessible to new users. This collaboration aims to simplify the user experience and bring the benefits of AI on blockchain into the mainstream. Delysium’s AI Agent Network allows different AI agents to securely share data and increase their collective intelligence over time. This network provides key advantages such as security, efficiency, and human alignment, ultimately serving humans in a positive way by freeing up time.

The partnership leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, providing the computing power and access to AI solutions necessary to scale the decentralized AI ecosystem. This collaboration builds on the longstanding commitment of the Delysium team to integrating advanced AI technologies, as they were among the first to partner with OpenAI and build with GPT-3.

The AI Agent Network has the potential to enable developers to deploy their own AI assistants, opening up possibilities for emergent intelligence and personalized guidance for users. With a strong community of over 300,000 members and 18,544 unique wallet addresses holding Delysium’s $AGI token, more exciting developments are expected as Delysium and Microsoft drive decentralized AI forward responsibly.

Readers are encouraged to visit to learn more about this partnership and Delysium’s advanced AI-Agent Network. Please note that Cointelegraph does not endorse the content provided and readers should conduct their own research before taking any actions related to the company. Cointelegraph is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by reliance on the content mentioned in the press release.

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