Protocol Labs Network invites leaders of Web3 to annual conference in Istanbul

Protocol Labs Network is inviting individuals involved in Web3 and emerging technology to attend LabWeek23, its annual decentralized conference in Istanbul, Türkiye. The event will take place from November 13th to 17th alongside Devconnect and will feature a range of engaging events, sessions, and activities for those in Web3. Topics at the conference will include AI x blockchain, Filecoin and FVM, gaming in Web3, public goods funding, ZK Proofs, DeSci, and more.

LabWeek23 is open to anyone in the public sphere, including Web3 industry experts and those interested in developing ideas for Web3 and finding solutions. The conference aims to connect like-minded individuals at the forefront of emerging technology and offers a week of summits, seminars, workshops, social and networking events, and happy hours. The events will take place all over Istanbul, with the main venue being the Swissôtel The Bosphorus Istanbul.

As a decentralized conference, attendees are free to choose which events to participate in and can register for specific events through the LabWeek23 website. Leading Web3 industry players and attendees from the Protocol Labs Network, including IPFS stewards, Filecoin Green, MONA, The Starling Lab, and Gitcoin, will all be in attendance. Protocol Labs Network comprises more than 200 independent teams working together to drive breakthroughs in computing, and LabWeek23 offers the opportunity to connect and collaborate with individuals working in its open-source ecosystem.

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