OccamX DEX expansion to Humanode includes the launch of the Galxe campaign for cross-chain power

The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) is evolving, and a significant development has occurred in the OccamX ecosystem. OccamX, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) within the Cardano ecosystem, has deployed its native token, OCX, on the Humanode network, an EMV-compatible L1 chain that uses secure cryptobiometric to provide Sybil resistance.

In a groundbreaking move, ChainPort has facilitated the seamless transfer of OccamX’s OCX token between the Milkomeda C1 blockchain and the rapidly emerging Humanode, showcasing the growing importance of interoperability in the blockchain space.

OCX token holders can now bridge their assets to Humanode with minimal fees and lightning-fast transfer speeds. The OCX token plays a crucial role in the OccamX ecosystem as a reward mechanism for liquidity providers, enhancing the efficiency and liquidity of the Cardano blockchain.

This development unlocks new possibilities for OCX holders and the broader DeFi community, extending the token’s utility into the vast landscape of Humanode and enabling inter-blockchain applications.

To commemorate this milestone, Humanode has launched an interactive campaign on Galxe, introducing exciting tasks for users to participate in, creating new opportunities and incentives for DeFi enthusiasts.

The partnership between OccamX and Humanode, driven by ChainPort’s innovative technology, opens doors for OCX holders to explore new opportunities and signals an exciting future where DeFi projects can thrive across multiple networks.

As DeFi continues to flourish and innovate, the OCX-Humanode bridge is now open, offering DeFi enthusiasts the chance to explore new possibilities in a rapidly evolving landscape. For more details on this development, visit the OccamX website or join their Telegram group.

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