Limited NFT Drop on Magic Eden Unleashed by Hero Shooter Citizen Conflict

Citizen Conflict, a hero shooter developed by QORPO Game Studio, has announced the launch of a highly limited NFT drop called ZODIAC “Magic Angel” on Magic Eden. This drop comes after the success of the “Become the Citizen” hero avatars and is tied to the highly anticipated Alpha 4.0 release of the game. The drop offers special skins for the fan-favorite hero Zodiac, Cyberpunk-inspired graphics, and lifetime access to Citizen Conflict, among other exclusive features.

The QORPO team is gearing up for the release of Alpha 4.0, which will be available on the Epic Store and will include the iconic NFT drop on Magic Eden. As per a DAO voting on the QORPO WORLD platform, fans have crowned Zodiac, a vengeful cyborg, as their most beloved and revered Citizen Conflict hero of all time.

The ZODIAC “Magic Angel” drop offers three exclusive skin variants for the hero Zodiac – Yellow “Sunfire” Zodiac Edition, Red “Ember Surge” Zodiac Edition, and Pink “Magic Angel” Zodiac Edition. These skin variants come with different drop chances and visuals, adding to the rarity and value of the NFT collection.

In addition to the exclusive skins, owners of the ZODIAC “Magic Angel” NFT will have access to a playable in-game character, custom VFX, custom voiceover, lifetime access to Citizen Conflict, participation in future esports tournaments, and more. The drop is scheduled for November 14th, 4 PM UTC. Further details on how to obtain the NFT and the associated benefits are available on Magic Eden.

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