Maestro Trading Bot Restores 610 ETH to Users After Router Exploit

Cryptocurrency trading bot MaestroBots has refunded users who were affected by a smart contract exploit, in which 280 ETH was targeted. The company took immediate action to refund the impacted users and committed to user security and trust. MaestroBots allocated 610 ETH from its own revenue to cover all user losses, exceeding $1 million. The refunds were made by buying and refunding tokens for nine of the 11 exploited tokens and issuing ETH for the remaining two due to liquidity constraints. The refunds cost 334 ETH, and were verified by CertiK, a blockchain security firm. MaestroBots CEO, Abbas Abou Daya, stated that their priority was to do right by the affected users and ensure their safety. The full refund campaign concluded 10 hours after the exploit, with the exploit being shut down within 30 minutes and trading capabilities restored within 2 hours. MaestroBots emphasized their commitment to user safety and apologized for the error. CertiK confirmed the safety and integrity of Maestro: Router 2 following the incident. MaestroBots offers cryptocurrency trading services on various networks and prioritizes user security.

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