Web3 Phone: The Epitome of Ultimate Intelligence

VERTU, a pioneer in smartphone technology, has developed METAVERTU2, a device that merges Web3 technology with AI to create a highly intelligent and secure phone called “One More Brain”. METAVERTU2 utilizes Web3.0 blockchain technology for security and features dual AI models running in parallel, providing a balance between user experience and privacy protection. It creates a personalized AI assistant, similar to the concept in the movie “Her”, that assists with everyday tasks and offers private and personalized AI experiences.

The device also offers tailored security with distinct fingerprint locks for different systems, allowing for individual privacy systems and the operation of three systems on one phone. METAVERTU2 incorporates TEE+SE chips and core hardware encryption for paramount protection, as well as advanced privacy storage and encrypted backup technology to safeguard information. It is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chip, has a large battery and fast charging capabilities.

In terms of design, METAVERTU2 combines cutting-edge technology with British elegance, using rare leather materials and surgical stainless steel. It is available in four variants, including carbon fiber and crocodile leather editions.

Overall, METAVERTU2 elevates the relationship between users and smart devices, redefining the mobile phone industry. It combines AI and Web3 technologies to provide a highly intelligent and secure phone that is both powerful and luxurious.

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