SwissBorg Partners with Solana, Unveiling the World’s Initial Meta-Exchange

SwissBorg, a Swiss-based cryptocurrency company, has announced the integration of Solana with its Smart Engine product to create a world-first meta-exchange or MEX. The SwissBorg Smart Engine now operates with Solana DEX platforms, Orca and Phoenix, in addition to top foreign exchange (FX) and centralised exchanges (CEXs). This integration allows SwissBorg users to execute trades from 16 fiat currencies directly to over 60 cryptocurrencies with just one tap, providing optimal rates, liquidity, and minimal slippage. This creates a seamless route from traditional finance to decentralised crypto assets.

Furthermore, SwissBorg is offering a fair and transparent listing opportunity for any Solana-based project on the integrated DEX platforms, as long as they pass the company’s due diligence process. This is intended to set a new standard for token listings and promote a fairer future for finance, as centralised exchanges often request large sums of money and are known for their opaque listing tactics. SwissBorg aims to provide users with the best exchange prices and liquidity through its exchange aggregator, allowing them to manage their wealth, invest in themed crypto bundles, and access a yield on their cryptoassets.

SwissBorg is headquartered in Switzerland, holds a Virtual Asset Service Provider licence regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit in Estonia, and is registered as a PSAN with France’s AMF. The company aims to provide a seamless and transparent platform for users to engage in crypto trading and investment.

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