Ark Invest Makes $130 Million Purchase of This Stock During Market Drop – You Won’t Believe What I Did Next!

In this content, the speaker, Sam, discusses a stock called Palantir. He mentions that he has recently bought it and believes it is a good investment due to its big government contracts and rapid revenue growth. Palantir has already generated over a billion dollars in revenue and received a significant investment from ARK Invest. Sam believes it has potential for long-term growth and is confident in holding it in his portfolio. He mentions that Palantir has ties with Fortune 500 companies and the healthcare industry. The speaker also discusses recent stock purchases by ARK Invest and the company’s Q4 results. He highlights Palantir’s revenue and new contracts with various organizations. Sam believes that if Palantir reaches its goal of generating $4 billion in revenue by 2025, its stock price could increase significantly. He sees Palantir as a dominant player in the data analytics sector.

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