Get Ready for the Latest RSR Staking Update: A Sneak Peek into Reserve Rights Token Staking!

The content discusses the upcoming launch of RSR staking and the potential availability of R tokens on October 10th. The author expresses disappointment that the reserve protocol is not releasing their own R tokens, but acknowledges the decentralized nature of R tokens. They caution against staking RSR on newly made R tokens that have not been battle tested, stating that it is better to wait and see how the token performs before staking. The author plans to experiment with staking a small amount of RSR on a newly made R token for fun, but will wait for more established tokens before staking larger amounts. The content also mentions the risk involved in staking RSR on collateral tokens, as it can be seized by the protocol in the event of a default. The author intends to make a video tutorial on staking RSR on newly made R tokens for learning purposes.

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