Discover How These 4 Lethal Tools Can Generate Over $400 Per Day Using AI (Chat GPT)

The content discusses four businesses and tools that can leverage the power of ChatGPT and AI technology to make six figures or more per year with a starting investment of less than $200. The first business mentioned is using the AI-powered system called Midjourney to create logos. The content also highlights the importance of a paid plan for stealth images to ensure client exclusivity. The second tool mentioned is Steve.AI, which offers a text-to-video service to create animated videos quickly and inexpensively. The content suggests using these videos for marketing purposes or monetizing them on platforms like YouTube shorts. The third business idea is creating Kindle Direct Publishing books on Amazon using the tool Book Bolt. The content emphasizes the importance of finding profitable and less competitive keywords for book topics. Overall, the content focuses on the potential income-generating opportunities offered by ChatGPT and AI technology.

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