A Pathway to Enter Velvet DAO

Velvet DAO is calling on those who believe in the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi) to join them in building and reshaping the world of finance through the founding of Velvet DAO. The Velvet Founders NFT offers an exclusive opportunity to be part of the genesis of Velvet DAO, which is the driving force behind Velvet.Capital, an omni-chain DeFi operating system that facilitates the launch and management of tokenized funds and structured products. The goal of Velvet DAO is to democratize asset management, making it more transparent, secure, and accessible than ever before. By purchasing the Velvet Founders NFT, users not only secure their place among top Web3 builders and thought leaders but also have the chance to influence the future of DeFi.

The Velvet Founders Club NFT comes with a range of benefits and rewards, including a doubled TVL-based airdrop of VLVT tokens, the opportunity for a bonus random airdrop of up to 1,000,000 VLVT tokens, the ability to create a portfolio on the Velvet.Capital marketplace, doubled voting power when staking with VLVT, earning royalty fees on secondary sales, receiving exclusive Velvet Founders swag, accessing private in-person events, joining the closed group of founders and fund managers, Velvet DAO Genesis, and accessing exclusive strategies by top partner hedge funds.

To participate, individuals can join the whitelist by using the invite code “Cointelegraph23”. The pre-minting of Velvet Founders NFTs will occur in August 2023, with a pre-mint price of 0.33 ETH and a public price of 0.69 ETH. Velvet DAO aims to empower the next generation of asset managers and democratize finance by providing a revolutionary DeFi asset management operating system that allows anyone to create and manage tokenized funds, portfolios, yield farming strategies, and other structured products. Those interested can learn more about Velvet DAO’s tokenomics, governance, and other offerings by booking a demo.

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