Exciting Announcement: Reserve Rights Token Expands Reach to 13 Additional Countries

The Reserve Protocol has launched its payment app, Reserve Pay, in 13 new Latin American countries, surprising many who thought it would take longer. This expansion is just the beginning, as the protocol plans to launch in 18 total Latin American countries and expand to Africa in the future. The significance of this launch is that in the five countries where Reserve Pay is already available, it has over 600,000 customers and an annual volume of over $3 billion. With the addition of these new countries, the potential for Reserve Pay’s growth is enormous, and the success of Reserve’s token, RSR, relies heavily on the success of Reserve Pay. It is believed that the longer RSR remains unlinked to Reserve Pay, the lower its price will be, presenting a buying opportunity for investors. While the future date of the link remains unknown, the potential gains from buying RSR beforehand could be significant. Despite RSR’s current lower price compared to its all-time high, it is believed to be closer to a bottom and has the potential for substantial growth.

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