Fashion and Digital Art Blend in an Immersive Metaverse Experience

International fashion label PHANTACi is partnering with Highstreet, a retail-focused metaverse, to create an immersive experience called PHANTACi Peninsula. The region within Highstreet World aims to blur the boundaries between fashion, art, and magic, offering visitors an interactive universe inspired by the brand’s co-founder and creative director, Jay Chou. The collaboration builds on PHANTACi’s successful PhantaBear NFTs, which sold out in under 40 minutes last year. The partnership with Highstreet is introducing limited-edition apparel and collectibles in both virtual and real-world spaces. PHANTACi Peninsula features various elements inspired by Jay Chou, including magical realms, street basketball scenes, and romantic environments. The region includes a dedicated shopping district with exclusive items and special discounts for PhantaBear holders. PHANTACi Peninsula also offers a unique time-travel experience dedicated to Jay Chou, allowing visitors to traverse different epochs of his career through a virtual river journey aboard a piano-decked boat. In addition, Highstreet and PHANTACi are collaborating to design homes within PHANTACi Peninsula, which will be sold through an initial home offering. Homeowners will have privileged access to a dedicated shopping district and will be part of an immersive community within the culture of PHANTACi Peninsula. The PHANTACi Peninsula partnership represents a convergence of fashion, art, and technology, aiming to provide a cutting-edge and engaging experience for supporters of the brand.

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