Unveiling the Secrets: Dive into the Blockchain Interviews with Patryk Labus, CEO of BitWin24 Blockchain Lottery

In this interview, Addison from Event Chain for InvestmentPitch Media and FinTech News Network speaks with Patrick Labas, the CEO of Bit Win 24. They discuss how Bit Win is utilizing blockchain technology to solve transparency and tampering issues in the lottery industry. Bit Win chose to use the Bitcoin blockchain as it is the most popular and ensures they are not seen as manipulating the blockchain. They also accept fiat currencies in addition to Bitcoin for entering the lottery. Bit Win offers a referral program called “Win Chain” where users can win even if they do not play the lottery themselves. The Bit Win token, BWI, serves as a ticket to enter the lottery. Masternodes are also available for those who hold 3000 coins, allowing them to participate in the Win Chain. Bit Win plans to host lotteries every two to four weeks. Viewers can find more information about Bit Win on their website, Instagram, and Twitter.

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