Unveiling the Mystery: My Decision to Purchase RSR – Reserve Rights Token

The content discusses the reasons for buying RSR (Reserve Rights Token). The first reason is the belief in RSR’s future use case, which is to be connected to an app called rpay. Rpay aims to help people in hyper-inflationary economies protect their savings and offers features such as saving income in US dollar balances, exchanging, depositing, withdrawing, and instant payments. However, as of now, there is no realistic R token available on rpay for staking RSR, but the belief is that when it does happen, the price of RSR will significantly increase. The second reason is the potential for RSR’s growth, as it is currently priced significantly lower than its all-time high. The author sees this as a buying opportunity, considering the availability of RSR staking and the expansion of rpay across 18 different countries. Despite the current limitations, the author continues to accumulate RSR in preparation for its connection to rpay, believing it will have a significant impact on the token’s price.

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