WhiteBIT Crypto Exchange Launches Own Blockchain

WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange has launched its own blockchain, WB Network, with the goal of promoting widespread adoption of blockchain technologies. The launch brings faster transaction processing, reduced user fees, and innovative solutions within a transparent user-owned infrastructure. The WhiteBIT exchange has cultivated a vast ecosystem in just four years, with WB Network being a pivotal milestone in its development. The team remains committed to building outlined products in their roadmap, which includes incentive programs, commission and reward distribution systems, and grant opportunities for ambitious projects. WB Network is built on the Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm, ensuring a stable and secure infrastructure. It successfully passed Hacken’s audit before launch. The launch was accompanied by a retrodrop event, rewarding users for testing the network and completing tasks. WB Soul Ecosystem was also introduced, allowing users to securely recreate their identity on the blockchain using Soul attributes and Soulbound tokens. WB Network also offers Souldrop, a commission and fund redistribution program, as well as the WhiteBIT Launchpad for accessing new crypto projects. The launch of WB Network is a milestone for WhiteBIT, and the exchange aims to mass implement blockchain technology worldwide.

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