Watch Me Become a Crypto Millionaire- I Just Purchased 3537 More HBAR!

The author is planning to buy $250 worth of cryptocurrency every week to hold themselves accountable and help their viewers. They will be buying a new cryptocurrency each week, either one they already hold or a new one they research. The author acknowledges that some of the coins they pick may go to zero, but they believe that some will experience significant gains. Their goal is to achieve a minimum 10x return on their investments by the next bull run. They emphasize the importance of doing your own research and not blindly copying their choices. The author’s first purchase is going to be hbar because they believe it has potential based on transaction volume, speed, low fees, green energy, scalability, and government and corporate support. They also mention the potential of another coin called soccer swap. In their larger portfolio, they already hold 1.1 million hbar coins and believe they will be profitable in the next bull run. They expect hbar to reach at least $1 in value. Overall, their motivation for this project is to make money and track their progress with their viewers.

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