Unveiling the World Coin: Paving the Way for a Revolutionary Economic System that Resonates with Humanity. ☁ Crypto Dreams ☁

In this video, the speaker introduces the audience to a new project called They provide statistics about the project, such as having over 2.1 million unique users, verification in 34 countries, and 500,000 new accounts in the last seven days. The project aims to establish universal access to the global economy and become the world’s largest human identity and financial network. The speaker discusses the World ID and World Coin, which are components of the project. They also mention the World App, where users can authenticate their proof of personhood and access finance. The World Coin token is mentioned, with its current price of $2.3. The speaker encourages viewers to visit the World Coin blog and subscribe to their newsletter for updates. They provide more details about the protocol’s security audit and invite users to get verified and obtain their own World ID using the World App.

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