Web3 Cryptos Set to Skyrocket by 2024: The Eruption Awaits

In this video, the content creator discusses three web 3 projects that they believe will perform well in the next bull run. The first project is decentralized social, a layer one blockchain that could potentially support decentralized social media platforms. The second project is Immutable, which is focused on building high-quality web 3 games. The third project is Audience, which aims to become the decentralized Spotify. The content creator highlights the potential of these projects and mentions their market caps, tokenomics, and availability on major exchanges. They believe these projects have the potential to see significant growth in the next bull run. Additionally, they mention their upcoming Patreon launch.

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Three Web 3 Gems That Could Thrive in the Next Bull Run

Before we dive into this video, I want to emphasize that the following discussion is solely my opinion and should not be considered financial advice. Also, don’t forget to check out the Patreon link in the description for more exclusive content!

1. Decentralized Social

Decentralized social is a layer one blockchain that has immense potential. While it may not be the next decentralized Instagram or Facebook, it serves as the foundation for future decentralized social media platforms. Traditional blockchain networks struggle to handle the massive storage requirements of social media applications, which involve generating and storing vast amounts of data. This is where decentralized social comes in. It caters specifically to the needs of social media applications, making it a highly functional and attractive option. With a market cap of $71 million and a token supply of 82, this underrated gem has the potential to reach a market cap upwards of $10 billion in the next bull run. If you believe in the future of decentralization, decentralized social is definitely worth considering.

2. Immutable

Immutable is powering the next generation of web 3 games. It stands out as one of the best blockchains for building web 3 games due to its numerous benefits. It is designed to appeal to mainstream gamers, offers Ethereum-grade security, scalability, and zero gas fees. With a market cap of $390 million and a token supply of 38, Immutable has demonstrated its potential. It has even surpassed $1.8 billion in market cap previously. While I typically prefer projects with a token supply of 50 or more, Immutable’s exceptional qualities make it an exception. It is listed on Binance, KuCoin, and Coinbase, which further solidifies its position in the market. With the next bull run, we could see Immutable’s market cap soar to $10 billion or more.

3. Audius

If you’re looking for the next decentralized Spotify, Audius is the project for you. Audius offers a prominent solution in the music industry, addressing the corruption and hidden fees that plague the current system. With 100K+ downloads and a rating of 3.7/5 stars, Audius has proven to be a popular choice among users. With a market cap of $153 million and mostly in supply, Audius has significant potential for growth. Artists deserve to receive fair compensation for their work, and Audius aims to make that a reality. It has reached a market cap of $1.4 billion in the past, and I believe it has the potential to surpass $10 billion in the next bull run. Audius is listed on Binance and KuCoin, making it easily accessible to investors.

In conclusion, these three web 3 projects – Decentralized Social, Immutable, and Audius – have the potential to perform exceptionally well in the next bull run. Keep an eye on their progress and consider adding them to your investment portfolio. However, always remember to do your own research and make informed decisions. Good luck!

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