Live Ripple Hearing Today – What’s the Exciting Faith of XRP Price?!

In this content, the speaker, Dusty, is live streaming a crypto update. He mentions that he ordered food but doesn’t have cutlery. He talks about the current situation with Ripple and Bitcoin and promises to provide all the necessary information. He shares updates about China’s plans to crack down on Bitcoin mining and trading, Hong Kong’s regulations on crypto exchanges, and the US Treasury Department’s interest in cryptocurrency transactions. Dusty analyzes the recent market dump and expresses a cautiously optimistic outlook. He also briefly interacts with his viewers and makes a call to request cutlery.


Hey guys what is up it’s dusty here and welcome back to another crypto live stream. Little fun fact, I just ordered food and I don’t have freaking cutlery so I’m definitely gonna have to eat with my hands. A little fun side note, bye guys. I’m doing let me know in the chat box where you all are watching from. What a crazy day it is huh for XRP, what a crazy freaking day it has been. I got a lot to talk about with you guys, I got a lot a lot a lot to talk about with you guys.

Current Situation

Let me quickly share the stream over in the discord once more. I still have my mouth, how do you call it the face mask on because apparently you need that in this hotel and everywhere. Let me quickly share it on Twitter as well. Oh, what a crazy day here. I got all the info guys. Do not worry, I’m gonna talk about the ripple hearing, I’m gonna talk about exactly what’s happening with bitcoin, I’m gonna talk about everything. So if you’re worrying what’s going on and what are we doing, what are most people doing, I got your answer. I got every single piece you are looking for. That’s again why I go live stream. I only live stream when it’s absolutely necessary. You guys have noticed that I did a really quick stream like a half an hour ago because I quickly wanted to inform everybody about the current situation.

China Regulations

First of all, what is going on? Well, really quickly there’s three major things. One, China regulations. There’s one guy over in China right now, the vice premier premiere pro, I don’t know how you call it in English, the vice guy whatever the vice brand his name is. It’s somewhere in this article, let’s quickly see it. The name of the guy is Leo He and he basically reiterated that the country planned to crack down on both bitcoin mining and trading. So obviously that one wasn’t too nice, that’s actually rather annoying to see. Then again, we already knew that this is all coming because the last couple of days so it’s not really coming as a surprise to all of us.

Hong Kong Regulations

Part two, Hong Kong’s financial services and treasury department have been talking about getting some really heavy regulations going on for crypto exchanges and making it so that you as an individual cannot transact crypto anymore there on a trading level. Not maybe transaction but trading only registered guys.

United States Regulations

And the last part is the treasury department over the United States, basically the IRS wanting to know what you’re doing in the crypto realm. They want your information, they wanna know what you’re trading if you’re doing more than ten thousand dollars and all that type of stuff. So that’s the rundown and it’s again kind of a reply or a part two of the big dump that we saw a couple of days ago. Right now we are retesting, this is basically what we said in live stream here as well. I told you guys a short would be best and then most likely just take your profit here, it worked out perfectly right now. And let’s see what’s going to happen.


So give me a second to call the little housekeeper for some cutlery motherfuckery. Let me see what do I tell, okay let’s see, let’s go, um I call, there we go. She’s not picking up, I’m on the phone in the hotel right now. So if I could, I can’t. Hey, hi, good evening. I’m asking to get some cutlery to the room so I have a fork and a spoon and stuff. No, for one person. Okay, can it be fast because I want to eat. Yes, yes, thank you very much. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Handled it like a boss. You already know Dusty BC got this. I got freaking scared because the phone started crying. I didn’t know what to say anymore man. Guys, I tried so- okay so, that was a little bit of a could you guys hear me talk there. You guys said the mic was low. It’s only because I was talking on the phone to the freaking housekeeping or the- you guys know what I’m talking about.

Market Analysis

Alright, so yeah what are we thinking here? What we were thinking that was going to go down. That’s actually what I said about an hour ago, that’s exactly what happened here. Now from this point of forward we got a four hour close just now and I’m actually not that bearish to be honest with you. Why? Well mostly on the base is that what we saw a couple of days ago I think was already kind of having this dump inside of it. So let me kind of, you know say it in a little different way. We had a China announcement I believe once more you can correct me if I’m wrong, I believe on the 18th somewhere and what was said in that statement was again China is looking to crack down on crypto. However, it wasn’t really confirmed too much, it was just basically some speculation together of course with some factual parts but mostly just speculation and I’m assuming that happened right around this area here when bitcoin starts to fall quite drastically once more. That’s an assumption but I think this assumption is definitely having some legitimacy behind it.


Alright, so those are the key points and analysis from the recent livestream by Dusty BC. It’s important to keep an eye on the latest happenings in the crypto world, especially regarding regulations and market trends. Stay informed and make strategic decisions. Happy trading!

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