Invest in Athletes and Share the Sports Prize Money with NEW Crypto FANtium – Rise with Them!

Phantom is a cryptocurrency platform that allows anyone around the world to invest in athletes and get a portion of their success, whether through prize money or career earnings. Fans purchase ownership in future prize money or career earnings directly from the athletes in the form of NFTs. Currently, there are three athletes involved, but more athletes from sports including golf, video games, car racing, and boxing are expected to sign up soon. The platform offers bronze, silver, and gold plans, and the more expensive the plan, the more benefits fans receive, such as personalized video messages or hand-signed tennis rackets. Phantom has raised a significant amount of money and is already generating excitement in the cryptocurrency market.

Investing in Athletes with Cryptocurrency Platform Phantom – Your Chance to Share in the Success


What’s up you guys Jim crypto here and I’m very excited to bring you guys a cryptocurrency platform that allows anyone all around the world to invest in athletes and get a portion of their success.

The Phantom Platform

Phantom is a cryptocurrency platform that enables users to invest in athletes from anywhere in the world and share in their success by purchasing nfts that represent a proportion of their prize money.

The Latest Updates

The platform has been in development for a while and has already raised a substantial amount of money. There are currently three athletes involved from different countries and multiple sports, with plans to expand with more athletes.

How it Works

Fans can purchase a portion of an athlete’s prize money or career earnings in the form of nfts and share in their success. Each athlete has different plans and benefits associated with their ownership, ranging from bronze to gold levels.

Joining the Platform

To get started, users can sign up for an account on the Phantom app and connect with their social media or Metamask account to participate in athlete ownership.

Benefits of Ownership

In addition to sharing in the success of the athletes, ownership in a specific athlete comes with various perks such as limited edition t-shirts, personalized video messages, and hand-signed tennis rackets.


Overall, cryptocurrency projects such as Phantom have lots of potential for investment and growth, especially when combined with the unique concept of investing in athletes’ success. As the cryptocurrency market also continues to trend upward, this could be an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing.

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