BitBoy Crypto Announces: Shocking Blow to XRP Unveiled as Crypto Pros Unite for Epic Defense!

The video discusses the latest updates in the crypto market, including John Bollinger’s bullish prediction for Bitcoin, Ethereum whales making big moves, and XRP dealing a blow to the SEC. The host interviews various experts to discuss the impact of these developments on the market, including the potential for a correction after a recent dip. Despite some concern about resistance at the top of the Bollinger Bands, the experts remain confident in the long-term prospects of the crypto market. The host reminds viewers to like, subscribe, and follow the experts on their various social media platforms.

Thank you Foreign: Around the Blockchain on BitBoy Crypto


Around the Blockchain is back and better than ever! Every Monday through Friday at 5 PM Eastern, we bring you the latest news and expert opinions on all things crypto. Today’s guests include Blockchain Boy, Crypto Jeb, Altcoin Daily, and BitBoy himself. Let’s dive into the topics of the day:

Topic 1 – John Bollinger Bullish on Bitcoin:

John Bollinger, the creator of Bollinger Bands, recently tweeted that he is bullish on Bitcoin despite the recent crash. Blockchain Boy shares his personal experience of buying the dip and remains bullish while Crypto Jeb analyzes the resistance levels at the top of the Bollinger Bands.

Topic 2 – Ethereum Whales Making Big Moves:

Ethereum whales have been making massive moves, with one moving 100,000 ETH worth $321 million. Altcoin Daily explains the significance of these whale movements and how they may impact the market.

Topic 3 – XRP Deals Big Blow to SEC:

XRP has scored a major victory against the SEC as a judge rules in favor of Ripple’s motion to compel the SEC to produce internal discussion records about cryptocurrencies. BitBoy breaks down the implications of this ruling for the crypto industry.


Overall, it’s been a rollercoaster in the crypto market, but our experts remain bullish and optimistic about the future. Remember to hit the like button and check out our guests’ content in the description. Join us tomorrow for more expert insights and analysis on Around the Blockchain.

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