Get Ready for a Wild Ride: Crypto and Stocks Set to Explode this Week! (Biggest Market Week of the Year)

This week is poised to be a big one for both the crypto and stock markets, with major earnings reports and a critical FOMC meeting likely to impact both. The FED is expected to raise rates by 25 basis points though there’s no guarantee. Reports suggest if the hikes continue it could leave the US government paying up to $1.5tn in interest on their debt. Meanwhile, crypto assets are bouncing, with Bitcoin up 42% YTD and Ethereum rising by 34%. Sam Beekman Fried is also in the news as he seeks to regain access to FTX’s funds after alleging he was not behind unauthorized transactions.

The Biggest Week for Crypto and Stock Market

The week ahead is a big one for both the crypto and stock markets, with a number of big earnings announcements, as well as a major FOMC meeting. In this video, Sam takes us through what we can expect from this week, as well as some interesting news in the world of crypto.

Massive Week for Earnings

This week features some of the biggest earnings announcements of the quarter, including major companies like AMD, Pfizer, McDonald’s, and more. There will be a lot of volatility in the market, especially on Thursday, when some of the largest tech companies in the world will be announcing their earnings.

What to Expect from the FOMC Meeting

The FOMC meeting is another major event to keep an eye on this week. The market is pricing in a 98.4% chance of a 25 basis point rate hike, but there is some uncertainty about what the future holds. Sam discusses the government’s debt and interest payments and how it may impact the FOMC’s decision.

Good News Pushing Up Crypto Values

Despite some negative news, such as layoffs in the tech industry, crypto markets are still seeing some positive gains. Some smaller gaming cryptos are making a move, and good news and partnerships are pushing up the values of some cryptos.

Clown News and Theories About FTX

Sam discusses some interesting news in the world of crypto, including a story about Sam Bankman-Fried trying to regain access to his funds at FTX. He also talks about an interesting theory from a large investor in crypto who believes that Bankman-Fried is not behind FTX.

Free Stocks and Platform Deposits

Sam also includes links in the video to Mumu and Weibull, two platforms where you can deposit $100 and receive up to 15 free stocks. These links are a great way to try out these platforms and potentially earn some free money.

Overall, this is a big week for both the crypto and stock markets, and there is a lot of news to keep track of. Sam’s video provides a great overview of what to expect and what’s happening in the world of finance.

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