Get Ahead of the Game: Make Money TODAY with Crypto Pre-Sales and DeFi

TrustSwap is a launchpad that offers early access to presales of popular projects for holders who stake their SWAP tokens. The platform’s most popular service, Team.Finance, enables DeFi teams to lock up liquidity or vesting shares into smart contracts to be more transparent with their investors. TrustSwap recently acquired The Crypto App, a popular cryptocurrency app that has a coin tracker, portfolio manager, and newsfeed. The TrustSwap team is planning to integrate more features into the app, including borrowing, lending, trading, staking, and yield farming services. TrustSwap has also announced several partnerships, including an NFT launch tied to artifacts from the Titanic and a large eSports partnership with teams from DOTA 2.


One of the most important things about crypto investing is getting a good entry point on decent projects. With the market so saturated and with so much demand, it can seem impossible to get in before the whales start splashing around. That’s why finding trusted launchpads can make all the difference.

About TrustSwap

TrustSwap is one of the best options for getting in early on presales. The platform’s launchpad gives holders who stake their tokens an opportunity to get in on big sales ahead of time with no gas wars. Anyone staking 4,000 SWAP tokens is able to submit their orders a whole day before the public launch, and the more tokens you stake, the further you move up in line.

TrustSwap has been responsible for getting dozens of projects off the ground and is one of the top launchpads listed on CoinMarketCap. In fact, the average return that investors see from TrustSwap launches is about 15X, and in the most recent launch, Opulous earned investors 25 times their initial deposit.

NFT Champions and the Polygon Blockchain

The hottest project to launch so far this month is called NFT Champions, which is a play-to-earn game being developed by a team of some of the industry’s most experienced developers. The game will be an open world MMORPG where players can use NFTs and earn an in-game currency called CHAMP.

To enable a large number of small value transactions, NFT Champions will be using the Polygon blockchain as a scaling solution. Launching anything on Polygon is a smart move and shows the forward thinking of the TrustSwap team.

Tools for DeFi Developers

In addition to the launchpad, TrustSwap also has some very powerful tools for DeFi developers. The most popular is Team.Finance, which allows teams to lock up liquidity or vesting shares into smart contracts so they can be transparent with their investors. Over $4 billion is currently locked up in Team.Finance, with over 10,000 projects trusting their liquidity on that platform.

Expansion and Partnerships

TrustSwap caters to multiple different blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Algorand, and Avalanche. The company recently expanded its ecosystem with the acquisition of The Crypto App, which has roughly 2 million downloads on Android and iOS. TrustSwap has been integrating its technology and services with this popular app, which is currently the third-ranked crypto app in most countries on Android.

TrustSwap has also had a huge week of announcements regarding partnerships that could bring a ton of new users into the ecosystem, including a large eSports partnership with one of the top teams in the world for a game called DOTA 2.

The Titanic NFT Launch

TrustSwap’s most recent partnership announcement was for an NFT launch that is tied to physical items that have been recovered and restored from the site of the Titanic on the ocean floor. TrustSwap partnered with the Experiential Media Group for this launch, an organization that is currently the only legal entity that owns artifacts recovered from the wreckage site.

The iPhone Giveaway

For the next month, TrustSwap stakers will have a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Ten users will be selected by November 14th. All that you need to do is stake 500 or more of your SWAP tokens and lock them up for 30 days, then you become eligible to win one of these phones. This is also a cross-chain promotion, so you will also be able to stake if your wallet has SWAP tokens on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon blockchains.

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