STAR Presents International Prestige Pathway for Small and Medium Japanese Enterprises

The STAR project aims to increase the international recognition of small-to-medium-sized businesses in Japan and help them effectively communicate their products, technology, and know-how. The project also seeks opportunities for mutual benefit between Japan and foreign partners.

By offering access to funds for reinvestment in SMEs and allowing foreign companies to purchase products and technology from Japanese SMEs, the project ultimately aims to revive the economy of Japan and the world. STAR seeks to target both Japanese SMEs and foreign companies and provides various types of support to foreign companies to gain a foothold in Japan and develop their products.

Additionally, STAR’s AUCTION platform facilitates transactions between foreign companies and Japanese SMEs through an auction-style bidding process, with participants required to disclose business details during the auction.

The STAR project is based on the premise of fostering harmony through mutual development and aims to leverage Japan’s strong business setting by acting as a growth facilitator. The team is preparing for a listing event on Bitmart and hopes to create an environment of mutual understanding and support between companies worldwide.

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