Explore the Exciting Journey to the Moon with M,elody: A Hot AlienCrypto Review πŸš€

Melody is a new university project that allows people to earn money by listening to and singing music. The project includes NFTs, which give users various benefits such as early access to sing-to-earn platform, priority to get SMS tokens, and access to virtual clubhouse and metaverse. The project has different modes, such as singing and listening mode, as well as battles with other users. The project has already launched and has partnerships with games guild, Beatcap, Element D Game, Polkadot Nation, among others. The project also has a sizable community on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Interested users can buy genesis NFTs on the Element marketplace and learn more about the project on the Melody website.

Introducing the University Project Melody

Are you a music enthusiast looking to make some extra income? If so, then the University Project Melody may be the perfect opportunity for you. Essentially, this new project allows individuals to earn money by both listening to and singing music.


Before delving deeper into the project, it is essential to note that we are not financial advisors. Therefore, investors should always conduct proper research and only invest what they can afford to lose.

The Model

The University Project Melody provides individuals with a chance to earn money by singing and listening to music. One of the avenues for earning money is through NFTs. The genesis NFTs provide numerous opportunities and features, such as staking, early access to sing-to-earn platforms, and priority to receive SMS tokens from the sync-to-air platform.

Getting Started

To begin earning money with the project, one needs to follow two steps. The first is having a microphone, which is a unique NFT that provides access to earn money within the ecosystem. The second step is having the Android melody app since the app provides a means to earn.

The NFT Collection

The genesis NFTs give access to various opportunities and features that enable users to earn profits within the platform. They can be accessed through the element market, and one can expect to pay about 1.4BNB to 1.6BNB per NFT.

The Mic

The microphone NFT costs approximately 1.6BNB, a fair price compared to its value. Investing in a microphone NFT can open up opportunities for higher-rarity microphones, ensuring higher profits.


The value of the microphone NFT is not limited to profits earned from singing or listing music. The upcoming staking on the platform will enable users to earn profits from staking tokens on the platform.

The Mode

The melody app provides three modes that allow individuals to earn money; the design mode which allows you to create music, the listening mode, and the character mode, which allows you to participate in karaoke battles to earn money.


The University Project Melody has valuable partnerships with companies such as Guild Beat Cap, Element, D Game Polka Dot Nation, among others. These partnerships ensure that there is an experienced team working behind the project.

Joining the Project

To gain investor insights or participate in giveaways, one can follow the melody app on Twitter, join the Melody official on Telegram, or join the Discord server with over 30,000 members. Additionally, the project information can be found on Amazon.

The University Project Melody is a unique project that provides a means for music enthusiasts to earn money. Investors can start earning through the microphone NFT and participate in staking to increase their profits. This project is backed by a team of experts and has valuable partnerships that ensure its growth and success.

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